Create enterprise applications

KnowledgeKube is the low-code platform for creating truly scalable
enterprise applications for greater success.

Legacy System

Painlessly migrate from legacy systems at a pace to suit you, with a true enterprise-grade, low-code solution.

Digital Customer Interaction

Digitise user journeys and empower people to better self-serve, whilst easily publishing natively across all devices.

Complex Process Automation

Our powerful workflow engine enables you to simplify, digitise and automate complex processes with ease.

Scalable Cloud Applications 

Future-proof by building for the cloud, start small to scale with confidence on a truly headless elastic cloud architecture.


One platform, unlimited opportunities


Empowering customers of any size

KnowledgeKube helps organisations around the globe to create scalable applications faster.

Up to

30% savings

Users achieve up to 30% compared to leading online marketplaces.

4x faster

and 80% cheaper

Policy management system developed 4 x faster and 80% cheaper.

30,000 working

hours saved

Global pricing and deal reg solution saving 30,000 working hours.

500% ROI

within first month

IT price benchmarking app produced a 500% ROI within the first month.


Application creativity at your fingertips


A solution for everyone

Business users, seasoned developers and designers alike are empowered across your organisation
to work more collaboratively and effectively to rapidly build applications of any size.


Business Users

Design and launch your solutions faster. Gain the edge over your competitors with fully automated and optimised work-flows and user experiences.



Focus on the things that matter by removing repetitive time-wasting tasks and the complications that come with cloud development.

Solution Architects

Utilise a platform that makes scaling enterprise applications on the cloud a breeze, easily modernise your legacy systems with connected micro-services.


Citizen Developers

Empower your team to build better solutions based around their domain expertise, whilst simultaneously releasing IT pressure within your organisation.



Certified by the best

Empower your team to start innovating