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KnowledgeKube Discovery 2017

13 January 2017

3 Implementers, 1 Designer, and 1 Awesome Platform,
Discover what can be created in a day…

KnowledgeKube Application Launch: Egg Homes

04 November 2016

The team at KnowledgeKube are celebrating the launch of a new application for Egg Homes

Did you know 80% of organisations are still struggling to harness IoT data?

31 October 2016

Organisations are facing significant challenges when it comes to maximising the Internet of Things (IoT), according to a survey* by award-winning app development platform KnowledgeKube.

We join forces with CS Transform to enable digital transformation in the public sector

28 October 2016

Award-winning app development platform, KnowledgeKube has enabled global consulting business CS Transform to empower the public sector and Smart City leaders with Transform 360 - a solution to help deliver technology-enabled transformation.

KnowledgeKube New Release

04 October 2016

Enterprise Server v2.1.0 is a significant release, it improves performance, styling, and comes with increased native support.

IoT Show Asia gets cognitive with KnowledgeKube

19 September 2016

On the 1st September the UK’s award-winning application development platform, KnowledgeKube, hit the ground running at IoT Show Asia hosted by Smart Nation, Singapore.

KnowledgeKube launches in Asia to meet demand for global app development

26 August 2016

The UK’s award-winning application development platform KnowledgeKube is set to launch in Asia with partner, Total Integrated Resources (TIR). 

Low code app platform lists on G-Cloud 8 to support rapid digisation of processes

09 August 2016

Government teams now have the ability to rapidly deliver ‘paperless’ digital processes after award-winning low code app platform, KnowledgeKube, listed as a pre-approved Cloud-based service on the government’s Digital Marketplace. 

Lessons to learn for disruptive start-ups looking to leverage the advantages of apps

26 July 2016

Guest blog post from GAPro’s, CIO, Chet Gladkowski on his mission to rewire the insurance industry. Here are his three top tips: 

Government minister Justine Greening MP visits leading tech SME

14 June 2016

Ms. Greening showed a particular interest in how KnowledgeKube – a ‘no code’ application development platform created by Mercato

KnowledgeKube achieves Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Competency

21 April 2016

Award-winning app platform, KnowledgeKube, has shown its continued commitment to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform by achieving the Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Competency. 

Announcement: KnowledgeKube to provide rapid application development as part of the Government’s new Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework.

20 April 2016

KnowledgeKube, the app platform for all users, has joined the Government’s new Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework, which goes live mid-April.

KnowledgeKube partnership with West Midlands Creative Alliance shortlisted for RBS Skills and Opportunities Award

19 April 2016

App platform KnowledgeKube has partnered with local learning provider Creative Alliance and Bareface Agency to help some of the most disadvantaged communities in Birmingham develop their digital skills through an exciting app building challenge called ‘Digital T Skills’. 

TechUK vision for keeping the UK at the forefront of cloud adoption

29 March 2016

Cloud computing is fundamental to UK’s digital future, according to techUK Cloud2020.  Today techUK launched Cloud 2020 Vision, which outlines what must be done to keep the UK at the forefront of cloud adoption.

Ladies first: Celebrating a step change for women in tech.

14 March 2016

For many years, December 10th has passed largely uncelebrated. Yet its significance last year to the UK’s 32 million-strong female population was bigger than ever. That’s because it marked the 200th birthday of Ada Lovelace, often referred to as the world’s first computer programmer due to her work on the Analytical Engine.

Rapid business-user prototyping unlocks roll-out of Policy Management System

02 March 2016

“The company had some bad experiences with software development in the past and it would have been difficult to get buy-in if we didn’t have the KnowledgeKube prototype.” Shipowners’ Club CIO.

Seven in ten organisations want to automate processes but face challenges

01 March 2016

KnowledgeKube survey reveals fewer than 30% can initiate rapid digital change

Case Studies: The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) transforms manual procurement processes with KnowledgeKube

16 February 2016

“We’ve already been able to increase the number of end users from 1,500 to more than 2,500. The solution we have is incredibly flexible and that is hugely reassuring. If we want to integrate another data source, for example, we know it won’t take months of planning and involve huge costs – with KnowledgeKube we can just make it happen.”

KnowledgeKube joins global thought leaders on City Protocol Task Force

08 February 2016

Award-winning app platform, KnowledgeKube, is growing its mission to empower cities and citizens to create apps, by joining Microsoft, Oracle and KPMG as a Smart City thought leader on the City Protocol Task Force.

Update: KnowledgeKube initiative driving city app development

22 January 2016

The successful up-take of the initiative is seeing KnowledgeKube open this initiative up to more users.

GAPro insurance system receives industry plaudits

23 December 2015

GAPro’s innovative insurance system prototyped using the KnowledgeKube aPaaS has already started to receive positive feedback from industry leaders like Bill Wilson, Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America inc.

Video: SCEWC15 - Steve Turner, Manchester Future Cities. Does technology play a part in solving integration issues?

04 December 2015

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2015- Steve Turner from Manchester Future Cities talking about the intergration of data.

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Video: SCEWC15 - Per Bendix Olsen, Microsoft - What do you believe is the philosophy that drives Smart Cities?

04 December 2015

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2015-  Per Bendix Olsen from Microsoft explains the philosophy that drives Smart Cities.

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Video: SCEWC15 - Tamar Dayon, Jerusalem Municipality. What is Jerusalem's 2020 Smart City Initiative?

01 December 2015

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2015- Joe Dignan, Smart City Expert, is there a supply or demand issue with Smart Cities?

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Video: SCEWC15-Dr Kumar New Dehli Municipal Council. The need for Smart Cities to be sustainable

01 December 2015

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2015- Dr Kumar from the Municipal council of New Dehli talking about the need for Smart Cities to be sustainable.

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Video: SCEWC15- Matthew Cockburn, How accessible is data in meeting the Smart City remit?

01 December 2015

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2015- Matthew Cockburn from Bristol council talking about the accessibility of data.

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Video: SCEWC15 - Albert Seubers, Atos. What are Smart Cities?

01 December 2015

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2015- Albert Seubers from Atos explains what Smart Cities are.

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Video: SCEWC15 - Joe Dignan Smart City Expert. Is there a supply or demand issue in Smart Cities

01 December 2015

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2015- Joe Dignan, Smart City Expert, is there a supply or demand issue with Smart Cities?

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Video: SCEWC15 - Steve Turner, Manchester Future Cities. What are the key challenges Smart Cities face around App development?

27 November 2015

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2015- Steve Turner from Manchester Future Cities talking about the challenges Smart Cities face.

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'my smart city app' initiative launched. Get involved, go create apps!

17 November 2015

KnowledgeKube launches landmark initiative at #SCEWC to empower cities and citizens to create apps with free logins.  Get involved, go create!

KnowledgeKube from Mercato explores world-wide Atos partnership at #SCEWC

17 November 2015

Mercato Solutions, creators of app platform KnowledgeKube, and Atos, an international leader in digital services, are delighted to share a stand and develop mutually beneficial themes at the Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona 17-19 November 2015...

We're ready - Smart City Expo!

12 November 2015

KnowledgeKube showcases as a CityNext partner with Microsoft at the 2015 Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona 17 - 19 November.  Experience KnowledgeKube on the Microsoft stand and our own booth A112 to understand how we're supporting cities and citizens to deliver a fully integrated urban landscape.

Getting excited for this years Public Sector Enterprise ICT event!

04 November 2015

Unlocking the transformative potential of ICT to drive efficiency and progress a digital agenda can sometimes feel like conflicting objectives.

Is Big Data enough to ‘fill gaps’ in health care?

26 October 2015

A San Francisco health insurance start-up has embraced Big Data in order to ‘fill gaps’ in patient care and improve clinical outcomes for senior citizens.

How crucial are Tech investments to insurer profitability?

14 October 2015

Insurance providers should prioritise investments in technology if they want to drive profitability, according to research from management solutions firm Interim Partners.

Manpower not skills required to meet digital appetite!

12 October 2015

Nine in ten public sector IT leaders believe they have the internal skills to deliver digital transformation but fall short in meeting demand for apps due to a lack of manpower, according to a survey* by enterprise app platform, .

What major tech firm has invested $32.5m in an insurance start-up?

30 September 2015

Google’s parent company Alphabet has made an insurance start-up its first major investment since forming in August.

Getting excited for this year's Government ICT event!

24 September 2015

Government ICT 2.0 is an event that will bring together over 300 IT and digital leaders from across Government in the first major post-election conference dedicated to implementing and revolutionising public sector ICT.

What's costing you dearly?

21 September 2015

The insurance sector is often very conservative, perceived as slow moving, and operates with many long established business practices and processes. However, times move on, new business models emerge, and legacy processes become inefficient...

Is IT an enabler or an obstacle?

18 September 2015

Whither IT?

By Rob Bamforth, Quocirca principal analyst. First published on

Does the insurance sector need to be more agile and creative?

01 September 2015

The insurance sector needs to find ways to create agility and product creativity to continue to prosper, the global head of reinsurer Swiss Re has warned.

Do Insurers really need to keep pace with tech savvy intruders?

01 September 2015

Insurers need to keep pace with tech savvy intruders

How can investigators use smart technology to spot fraud?

01 September 2015

Private investigators can now use smart technology to help spot insurance fraudsters, and do away with expensive stakeouts, according to Meridian Investigative Group.

What are the most disruptive insurance technologies?

01 September 2015

Non-insurance technology providers are set to have the biggest impact on the insurance sector, according to new research by Insurance Times.

The nerves a growing, will we win?

25 August 2015

Leading enterprise application provider, Mercato Solutions, has been shortlisted for the highly coveted BCS & Computing IT Innovation Excellence Awards thanks to its KnowledgeKube app platform.

How can technology enables brokers to better understand customers?

05 August 2015

Technology enabling insurance brokers to better understand customer lifestyles

Will driverless cars will shift liability?

05 August 2015

The nature of motor insurance will be shaken up by the rise of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, according David Powell of Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA).

Surge in drone use creates multi-million pound insurance risk

05 August 2015

As the use of drones becomes more commonplace, in both the commercial and consumer worlds, operators and manufacturers of the unmanned vehicles could face multi-million pound claims, insurance experts have warned.

Lloyds boss warns insurers of the risk of being ‘Uber-ised'

05 August 2015

With a large array of companies, from Walmart to Google, poised to step into the insurance market, the chief executive of Lloyds of London has warned insurers to prepare to be ‘Uber-ised’.

Back to the future – the reinvention of an 80’s trend in a digital era

15 July 2015

The rise of trends such as cloud, big data, mobile and social media are continuing to impact how we do business – as we look to integrate them into our day-to-day processes. But to continue this growth in more efficient and productive ways of working, organisations are reaching for emerging digital solutions.

Majority of reinsurers planning major IT investments

03 July 2015

More than half of reinsurers are planning to make major IT investments over the next 18 months as technological advancement becomes a necessity.

Technology more than a ‘nice to have’ in the insurance market

03 July 2015

Technology is now much more than a ‘nice to have’ in the insurance market, according to Anand Vyas, head of financial services and insurance at test management firm SQS.

Insurance brokers could be ‘cut out’ of the market if they don’t embrace tech

03 July 2015

Insurance brokers has been warned that failure to adopt technology in business practices could see them ‘cut out’ of the market.

Health insurers now offer customers medical assistance online

03 July 2015

Health insurers have begun deploying tools which give customers and advisors more power to deal with health issues and policies online.

Most insurers not taking action to prepare for driverless cars, KPMG reveal

03 July 2015

The vast majority of car insurers believe the potential impact of driverless cars is too distant in the future to begin preparing, according to KPMG.

Public Sector Show 2015

23 June 2015

After a successful 2014 event, The Public Sector Show will once again take place at ExCeL London on 23rd June 2015 and KnowledgeKube will be attending the event.

Business Masters Award Recognises Mercato Solutions as the Midlands 'Innovator of the Year'

12 June 2015

Birmingham based software company, Mercato Solutions, has been awarded a prestigious ‘Innovator’ award at the West Midlands Business Masters Awards.

Post-election: public sector outlines priorities for digital government

02 June 2015

A survey* by application platform KnowledgeKube has revealed significant digital challenges facing the public sector as it looks to innovate, drive down costs and deliver more effective services.

High-tech drones could be used to evaluate insurance claims

05 May 2015

High-tech drone aircraft could be used to evaluate insurance claims in the near future, according to US insurer USAA.

Wearable technology could become prerequisite for insurance policies

05 May 2015

It could be impossible to get life cover without a wearable device in the next five to 10 years, according to Swiss Re.

Insurers need to conduct cost analysis on Internet of Things

05 May 2015

Insurers exploring the possible benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) will need to carry out careful cost analysis, according to Microsoft’s Tony Jacob.

Realising the benefits of smart cities sooner

30 March 2015

Peter Robbins, MD, Mercato Solutions – a Probrand Group company, explores the realities of unlocking smarter cities.

Insurers are lagging behind in the adoption of big data technology

04 March 2015

The head of retail property and casualty actuarial believes that too many insurers are still steeped in traditional practices and risk missing the opportunity to embrace digital technology.

Without-Code Digital Services Platform Lists On G-Cloud 6 Framework

03 March 2015

Government teams now have the chance to digitise processes quickly and at less cost after innovative application development platform, KnowledgeKube, listed as a pre-approved public sector solution on the G-cloud 6 framework.

Mercato showcases ground breaking aPaaS to Vegas audience #ibmInterconnect

20 February 2015

Leading enterprise application provider, Mercato Solutions – a Probrand Group company, is set to showcase its ground breaking enterprise application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS), KnowledgeKube, at Premier Cloud and Mobile Conference, IBMInterConnect 2015, Las Vegas, 22 – 26 February 2015.

Government ICT 2015

13 January 2015

Since 2005 this industry leading conference has served to provide exclusive insights and access to leading policy makers which has helped contribute to successful development of public sector ICT.

High Perceived Cost And Risk Of Digital Innovation Holding Public Sector Back

12 January 2015

As the public sector digital agenda matures, research amongst senior Central and Local Government IT executives has found widespread process inefficiency is acknowledged and there is a long way to go before digital transformation challenges are overcome.

Technology giants help insurers go mobile

06 January 2015

Two of the world’s largest technology companies have teamed up to help insurers improve their mobile offerings.

New technology trends will revolutionise the insurance industry

06 January 2015

A number of key tech technology trends will have a revolutionary impact on the insurance industry over the next three to four years, according Mitch Wein, principal in the insurance practice at industry analyst Novarica.

Insurers are falling short on self-service websites

06 January 2015

Some insurers’ websites are falling short when it comes to offering customers self-service opportunities on their websites, according to Celent.

Insurers in pursuit of IT transformation risk distraction in 2015

06 January 2015

The insurance industry is facing an ‘immense challenge’ in implementing strategic IT transformation over the next three to five years, according to KPMG.

A quarter of insurers have started rolling out Internet of Things solutions

06 January 2015

Almost a quarter of insurers have begun rolling out Internet of Things (IoT) enabled technology within their business, according to a new study.

Insurers have ‘much work to do’ to meet consumer expectations

06 January 2015

Insurers have ‘much work to do’ if they are to deliver the customised experiences that modern consumers expect, a new report has claimed.

KnowledgeKube set to help UK Local Authorities improve delivery of digital services to citizens

03 September 2014

KnowledgeKube is set to break the mould of bespoke software delivery to Local Government.