CCL Solutions Group accelerates compliance app development

With KnowledgeKube, the business created a Proof of Concept 80% faster than conventional development and programming tools, importantly, it also cost 60% less

Andrew Krauze, Chairman of CCL Solutions Group.


CCL Solutions Group is the largest Digital Forensics provider in the UK and the only provider to be accredited to the ISO 17025 quality standard for mobile devices and PC’s.   With 150 staff based across offices in Stratford-upon-Avon and London, the business has several major public sector clients including the Metropolitan Police, HMRC, FCA, SFO, CMA, CLP, MOD and the Department of Work and Pensions.


Forensically analysing digital devices to court-approved standards requires analysts to follow detailed processes. The company’s quality assured Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) enable UKAS (UK Accreditation Service) to confirm CCL and its processes are compliant. These essential SOPs create a huge amount of time-consuming work for analysts responsible.

CCL required a system that could speed up this process and remove any chance of human error in the process. The business also wanted to make this system available to external organisations looking to achieve ISO 17025 accreditation.

The application created would need to automate the workflow process, prompt analysts to take the right steps, integrate various different systems and databases and provide a clear audit trail that could be used in court.

“This had never been done before,” said Andrew Krauze, Chairman of CCL Solutions Group. “No one has ever had the inclination to build a solution from the ground up to tackle this requirement.

“When we saw what KnowledgeKube had done for IBM, we were confident the technology could meet our requirements very quickly.’’


CCL Solutions Group decided to adopt the KnowledgeKube app platform via a Software and Services model for enterprise app creation by a team of non-developers known as KnowledgeKube implementers.

After producing a requirement document, CCL challenged a team of three KnowledgeKube implementers to go on-site and develop a Proof of Concept. By working in a collaborative and iterative manner, using a truly Agile development methodology, the team produced a working prototype within one week.

Key application features included:

  • Database construction
  • The ability to input exhibits (evidence) against a case and record relevant data that could be extracted as an examination log, meeting ISO 17025 standards
  • Automated prompts, based on user inputs, to ensure all actions are ISO 17025 compliant
  • The ability to add and maintain case files (replacing an existing case management system)
  • Reporting capabilities to provide visual representation of business across multiple departments and to increase collaboration


By producing a working Proof of Concept, in just one week, CCL has confirmed the KnowledgeKube platform is the right technology for its long term R&D program and believes once a working system is fully implemented the business could reduce administration time by circa 30%.

Andrew said: “We wanted truly collaborative and agile development with rapid prototyping, and that’s exactly what we got with every iteration experienced via live preview.

“With KnowledgeKube, the business created a Proof of Concept 80% faster than conventional development and programming tools, importantly, it also cost 60% less.”

Commercial opportunities realised

“This is very exciting for us as a business as we can deploy ISO 17025 in a box,” said Andrew. “Our customers are being forced by the Forensics Regulator to become ISO 17025 compliant, this process takes several man-years of effort, with the CCL 17025 packaged solution created using KnowledgeKube, Law Enforcement Agencies will be able to achieve a ‘state of readiness’ for accreditation in a fraction of the time.  This is cutting edge in our sector.”

Cost savings realised

Andrew added: “As the analysts no longer need to use more than one screen and can just tick boxes rather than fill in forms, they can focus more on the job that needs to be done. This will not only be popular with analysts, but it will also provide time savings and significantly cut the cost of each job.”

Additional benefits discovered

“It became clear during the development phase that KnowledgeKube could create a tool more feature rich than we anticipated,” Andrew said. “Line managers and analysts could assess each job on a more granular level to see how long each process takes and identify where efficiencies can be gained.”

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