Godiva Insurance uses KnowledgeKube to strip costs and boost income

KnowledgeKube has fundamentally injected a product factory ethos into landlord lines and given us competitive edge in a tough low margin space. We are now working smarter, keeping overheads down and income up.
Barrie Roberts, Commercial Operations Manager, Godiva Insurance


Based in Coventry, Godiva Insurance is a specialist independent insurance broker covering a variety of business risks for clients ranging from multi-national companies to independent landlords.


Godiva had been looking to grow its landlord business but recognised it needed to become more efficient to compete amidst ever tightening margins and the marketing power of larger competitors like utility companies. The business also had no appetite to engage in costly aggregator sites to win business and so needed a direct model to engage with prospects.

The business also recognised a series of costly manual processes were restricting throughput and scalability in a market that demands higher volume for worthwhile returns.

Barrie Roberts, Commercial Operations Manager, said: “Offering products to landlords demands lots of manual intervention and we had to hire admin staff to fulfil the workload. For example, every time an email arrived we would copy and paste details twice - first for the Insurer’s bordereau and then for the client. We recognised there had to be a better way of working.

“Looking at the costs from cradle to grave against the margins available, we realised we were not able to do the volume required to make it pay. We had to fundamentally change our model to stay in the market.”


KnowledgeKube is an app platform that can be configured to meet the specific trading challenges of the insurance industry around design, development and publishing of online insurance products. It helps insurers, brokers and MGAs increase income by reducing time, cost and risk in the product-to-market process.

Uniquely, it empowers the non-technical to define, distribute and sell complex products quickly, improving competitive edge and reducing dependency on IT with rich ‘live’ functionality covering:

  • Product ratings, descriptions and quotes
  • Policy configuration and referrals
  • Invoice management
  • Online payments, documentation and marketing
  • Financial analysis and bordereau reporting

Self-managed or delivered as Software and Services, this low cost operational model is tried and tested world-wide.


Barrie Roberts said: “KnowledgeKube has fundamentally injected a product factory ethos into landlord lines and given us competitive edge in a tough low margin space. We are now working smarter, keeping overheads down and income up.

“Our USP is client management for large commercial clients and now with an automated system freeing up resource, we can operate at the smaller end of the market too. We’re responding rapidly to keep premiums attractive and driving automatic renewals.

“Landlords often prefer self-service out of normal business hours and with our own branded trading website we are driving business with a more customer-centric approach, writing well-articulated business whilst we sleep.

“It has also allowed us to unlock new business channels working with a large affinity partner, Property Mentor, which is now offering our products online to almost 6,000 developers and lettings agents.

“The business has been able to diversify thanks to the ability to quickly test new markets and products. It has removed risk previously associated with this process and we recently began automatically cross-selling additional and more complex products online like buildings insurance. This is proving fruitful.

“By adopting the platform supported by the services team, we have reduced our need for IT’s intervention in the day-to-day marketing and binding of business. Put simply, this low cost operational model has stepped our business up a level.”

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