Smart City Summit & Expo Taipei – Building Smart City on the IoT

To address Taiwan’s growing demand for sustainable urban development, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) has gathered various industrial sectors to establish a platform for business-to-business partnership and collaboration opportunities.

Smart City Summit & Expo Taipei is a B2B oriented exhibition, which is focused on providing one-stop-shop ICT solutions which are tailored to the needs of the client. It is the most comprehensive smart city trade show in the Asia-Pacific region, and that is strategically located in a seasoned hi-tech environment with a history of contributing to the development of ICT. The event is a joint effort between dedicated local governments and experienced ICT companies that is striving to promote the best in quality for the daily lives of the citizens.


Transform the way services are delivered

Driving efficiency and progressing a digital agenda can sometimes feel like conflicting objectives. With the perceived risk and cost of traditional software development, how can public sector organisations improve services, drive down supply and process costs, transition, maximise and transform legacy systems and data or even begin to harness digital skills and capability?

KnowledgeKube is a strategic digital platform that supports efficiency objectives, implementation of digital capability and delivery of innovation, quicker and at considerably reduced cost and risk than traditional approaches.


Taipei World Trade Centre,
Nangang Exibition Hall


Event Start
22 March 2016
Event End
25 March 2016