Insurance brokers need to move quickly and stay ahead of digital trends

Insurance brokers need to be thinking faster to stay ahead of digital trends, according to Google’s product marketing manager.

Matt Brocklehurst said that the constant connectivity of consumers means brokers need to react differently and adopt new strategies. His top three tips for brokers who want to embrace technology and enhance their digital presence, are to ‘inject new talent’, ‘move at the speed of your customer’ and ‘be mobile first’.

“We don't ‘go online’ anymore - we live online,” Brocklehurst said.

“You know that when you have those ‘I want-to-know moments', ‘I need-to-find moments', and ‘I need-to-buy moments' you now go online immediately.

“You no longer wait until you get to a screen. You're constantly connected. Every day millions of people in the UK, and billions around the globe, are living out their lives across multiple screens, fulfilling their wants and needs instantaneously and online.

“These moments matter because they are where preferences are shaped and decisions are made. You need to use technology to win the moments that matter.”

He also claimed that brokers needed digital abilities to increase create value across organisations, ‘from driving sales to impacting on brand communications and overall profitability’.

“The supercomputer in your pocket, the smartphone, is only going to get more powerful, more pervasive and more pivotal as wearables and the Internet of Things evolve,” he said.