Insurer claims critical technology at risk from cyber attacks

A London-based insurer has claimed the technology running the world’s most critical infrastructure is increasingly at risk of cyber attack.

Aegis London has said state-sponsored attacks are an evolving threat which is posing a serious risk to operational technology and core infrastructure.

Research by BAE Systems Applied Intelligence which focused on the energy sector, a key target for state sponsored attacks, has revealed that most professionals in the industry have a good understanding of cyber threats. However, the biggest challenge organisations are facing is constraints outside their control, such as the lack of ‘adequate and mature technology solutions’.

“Cyber attacks are no longer focused solely on IT environments. Cyber terrorists have turned their attention to operational technologies and the critical infrastructure they support,” said Alan Maguire, chairman of Aegis London.

“We believe that vulnerabilities in and threats to operational technology have the potential to lead to business interruption or significant loss of operating capability and availability. These represent some of the most acute organisational risks currently facing critical infrastructure,” added David Croom-Johnson, active underwriter at Aegis London.

Aegis, which is focused on the energy sector, said that despite these concerns power companies are better prepared to deal with threats to operational technology than many media reports indicate.