Insurers can boost customer loyalty through mobile apps

Insurance firms need digital solutions that will enable greater interaction with customers, according to incentive experts One Loyalty.

The loyalty scheme provider claims that as consumers increasingly demanding seamless mobile services, there should be greater emphasis placed on value-added services in order to meet their expectations.

One Loyalty said insurance firms should embrace solutions, such as apps, that will provide and an ‘engaging and enduring mobile strategy’.

Rather than being a marketing incentive or one-off gimmick, it claimed insurers could develop apps that truly connected with customers and formed an integral part of the business strategy.

These sentiments reiterated the results of a recent survey by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) which found customers’ attitudes were changing when it came to insurance. The research found that consumers were favouring apps that enabled them to connect directly with insurance providers.

For instance, it stated that consumers now want the ability to notify automobile insurers of an accident without having to go through a customer service team. The report stated that a mobile app would be a great tool for enabling consumers to inform insurers in this scenario. 

BCG said that some insurers were also experimenting with this technology by using data from mobile apps and in-car telematic devices to price automobile insurance policies.