Reputation of mobile solutions for insurance damaged by poor strategies

The reputation of mobile solutions for insurance has been damaged by a lack of strategic planning in their roll out, according to Forrester analyst Ellen Carney.

The e-business specialist said insurers needed a clear vision and focus with mobile as ‘too many people are playing around the edges’. She claimed that businesses need to put together a roadmap to guide their mobility deployment plans.

Carney claimed insurers needed to keep three elements in mind when creating a mobile roadmap. Insurers first needed to identify what mobile services were required and what the capabilities were missing in order to deliver these. Secondly, insurers needed to understand customer behaviour and how they interact with the business using mobile touch points. Finally, she claimed it was essential that insurers communicated to their policy holders how mobile offerings would be an advantage to them.

“Keep in mind that the biggest challenge of the mobile road mapping process will be the obstacles you will face during execution: unanticipated technology gotchas, competitive pressures, internal politics, getting resources, persuading vendors to deliver in compressed timeframes, and reacting to delays in delivery timelines are just a few. All of these force mobile insurance teams to make some hard choices about what and when something is delivered, and that requires strong negotiation skills,” she said.