The integration of digital technology in insurance is essential

Insurers should focus on providing a consistent level of customer service across all channels both on and offline, according to Accenture’s Insurance Lead for Europe.

Thomas Meyer claims the emergence of numerous online platforms has created an ‘omni-channel world’ which is requiring insurers to integrate their approach.

A recent Accenture survey has revealed that physical channels continue to play a major role in customer services (57% of all interactions) - but the report claimed this level will drop over the next three years. The Digital Insurance study claimed physical interactions would fall to less than half (47%) while digital channels would see an increase from 7% to 20%.

“We all know that this is now an omni-channel world, and any company that is selling anything—insurance, cars, steel or sable coats—must address this reality, and be prepared to interact with customers seamlessly and consistently across all channels,” he said.

“It’s not enough to have a great app, an engaging website and a perfect contact centre. If you don’t integrate all the channels to deliver a consistent customer experience, all that additional cost is worthless and you risk actually alienating your customers.

“The chief culprit here is the typical corporate organisational structure with its distinctive silos—insurance companies, and financial services generally, are very likely to be guilty of this. A new organisational blueprint is what’s required so that once you understand what motivates your customers, you can deliver.”