Only a handful of insurers taking ‘strategic and systematic’ approach to digital

Only a handful of top insurers are taking a ‘strategic and systematic’ approach to digital, according to a new research from Comprend.

The communications consultancy’s study, which reviewed the digital approach taken by Europe’s top 500 firms, examined how organisations are using their digital presence to engage and respond to the needs of professional stakeholders.

The study found that just eight insurance companies out of the continent’s top 36 insurers passed the minimum digital threshold score - although it did add that Aviva and Allianz were best practice examples for web offerings.

The research assessed functionality across the Web, including social media platforms and company pages covering governance, corporate social responsibility, investor relations, press, careers, ‘about us' and reporting.

The financial sector was revealed as the biggest laggards in their approach to digital, with service providers scoring an average 28.5% on the index. Chemical companies ranked top with an average of 45%.

"The companies that pass this kind of stress test demonstrate an ability to govern their reputation in digital channels,” the report said.

“They create an opportunity to build a ‘premium’ status with key stakeholders, which can facilitate access to capital markets and translate into higher trust among consumers, the ability to attract the best talent or to set the agenda on issues of importance to the sector.”