Announcement: KnowledgeKube to provide rapid application development as part of the Government’s new Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework.

Posted on 20 April 2016
A staggering 96% of those surveyed by application platform, KnowledgeKube, identified that more than a quarter of their processes were inefficient.

KnowledgeKube, the app platform for all users, has joined the Government’s new Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework, which goes live mid-April.

The new framework replaces the Digital Services 2 framework and will enable public sector organisations to access and readily meet objectives for delivering digital services efficiently.

And with KnowledgeKube research indicating that 70% of IT leaders have a desire to go digital and automate processes, but for traditional barriers associated with time, cost and risk of traditional software development, this new method of going digital quicker and cheaper is now accessible via a framework.

[KnowledgeKube to provide rapid application development as part of the Government’s new Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework.]

All suppliers on the existing the Digital Services 2 framework were required to reapply to be part of DOS, which is broken down into 4 categories of service – Digital Outcomes, Digital Specialists, User Research Studios and User Research Participants.

KnowledgeKube has offerings in the Digital Outcomes lot including software development and user experience and design. It will also be offering business analysts, content designers, designers and developers as part of the Digital Specialists lot.

With KnowledgeKube, public sector organisations, including those in the NHS striving to go ‘paperless’, will be able to secure enterprise level applications quicker and cheaper than traditional development methods.  KnowledgeKube empowers users to create web, Windows, iOS or Android apps without writing code. 

Organisations can either adopt the platform to empower their in-house digital capability to create, or a professional services team will work with customers to deliver private Cloud or on-premise apps through an agile and iterative process.   

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