Lessons to learn for disruptive start-ups looking to leverage the advantages of apps

Posted on 26 July 2016
A staggering 96% of those surveyed by application platform, KnowledgeKube, identified that more than a quarter of their processes were inefficient.

Guest blog post from GAPro’s, CIO, Chet Gladkowski on his mission to rewire the insurance industry. Here are his three top tips:

Lesson 1 – Selecting the right technology platform and partners is not a light decision

We all tend to do the same when scoping out the ‘right’ technology platform – head straight for the best, the one that offers endless capabilities and allows you to add functionality to your app that you know you will never use.

Our first stop on what seemed to be an endless tour of software development providers, was what you could describe as a ‘traditional’ provider. Although they filled us with confidence with their list of references for development, they required detail specifications and reviews from ourselves. Put simply we didn’t know exactly what we needed so was impossible to get a final costing.  Moving on we examined  a ‘toolset provider’ who seemed to have a greater depth of software and leadership maturity… what GAPro didn’t expect was the $250,000 bill presented to them for a non-functioning Proof-of-Concept.

Believing the software market had more to offer than doom and gloom, we continued our search, where discovering KnowledgeKube. With a blossoming partnership we were able to build a fully functional Proof-Of-Concept in three weeks at about 10% of the toolset cost.

Lesson 2 – You don’t know everything and that is okay

While the GAPro management team possesses significant insurance and technology expertise and experience, we were very aware that we were attempting to solve a problem that no one had ever attempted before. With KnowledgeKube, individual business functions were built, tested, feedback, revised software, retesting, additional feedback, etc. Using this software we took functionality down paths that no one could have ever imagined.

The best example of this happened one frightful day as we tested a new piece of software. Looking at the screen horrified we realised we had completely overlooked a vitally important function. Panic stricken, we contacted KnowledgeKube. In about 15 minutes, they had identified the need and outlined requirements. The next morning, this new functionality was built, tested and integrated into the overall flow without any delay or additional cost. We all breathe a deep sigh of relief, thankful for both the agile process, a platform and partner that could turn on a dime.

Lesson 3- A little thanks can go a long way

As GAPro demonstrated their Proof-of-Concept to various insurance technology contacts, we developed interest and relationships across the industry, both domestically and globally. One of the relationships that blossomed was with a large, well-known insurance solution provider. GAPro’s initial thought- they could be a potential partner for GAPro’s functionality and information. This insurance solution provider introduced GAPro to their executives at other organisations, one of which turned into their initial customer.

“You don’t always know the road that will lead you home. You don’t always know the people that will help you along the way to success. We treat everyone with great respect and honour. Everyone we meet gets a handwritten note of thanks, even if there is no immediate interest.” -  Chet Gladkowski 

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