The Expression Editor Redesign

Posted on 03 October 2017
A staggering 96% of those surveyed by application platform, KnowledgeKube, identified that more than a quarter of their processes were inefficient.

The editor has been redesigned to make it visually consistent with other updated windows of KnowledgeKube. Visual consistency is so important because it fortells users what to expect when they hit a tab. 

The Expression and Output tabs have been converted into panels, which you can switch between using the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the window.

The Output panel now uses the same typeface as the Expressions panel, and has been re-structured to make using it more intuitive.

Like the main KnowledgeKube window, the editor now has a Quick Access Toolbar. Many of the Editor panel’s toolbar options have been moved here, while the ones specific to the panel itself remain where they were.

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