IoT Show Asia gets cognitive with KnowledgeKube

Posted on 19 September 2016
A staggering 96% of those surveyed by application platform, KnowledgeKube, identified that more than a quarter of their processes were inefficient.

On the 1st September the UK’s award-winning application development platform, KnowledgeKube, hit the ground running at IoT Show Asia hosted by Smart Nation, Singapore.  KnowledgeKube and partner Total Integrated Resources (TIR) showcased how users can rapidly build out the application layer that connects to sensors and gateways, so organisations can harness the value of IoT data and automate complex processes as a result. 

On the basis many people like a ‘selfie’, the team enjoyed seeing attendees flock to get involved with a demo app that connected with and used live data from the Microsoft Cognitive Service API. 

Show-goers took a selfie on stand and the app conducted instant facial analysis, guessing the user’s age and their emotion, matching this with the relevant emoji and automatically tweeting out the image in real-time. The demo highlighted the impressive ability to connect with other data sources to drive a response; one of the main queries that attendees had about the platform and a key challenge faced by those looking to use IoT data. Looking to learn more, get in touch here.

KnowledgeKube’s speed of implementation and simple approach to connecting data sources impressed all thanks to its low-code usability credential.

KnowledgeKube conducted a survey during the event to discover more about the types of issues businesses face when connecting and harnessing IoT data. As you’d expect everyone we asked felt that harnessing IoT data was important to their business at some level, but they also felt there were a number of challenges…Coming Soon!

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