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Smart Cities

Empower cities and citizens to create their own apps for society.

Get involved. Go create for free!

KnowledgeKube has launched a world-wide initiative to mobilise cities and citizens to create their own apps for society without cost or fear of failure.

KnowledgeKube’s simplicity enables all users, with or without an IT background, to create enterprise web and mobile apps.

Join the wave of qualifying users with free KnowledgeKube platform access who are rapidly prototyping and previewing apps without having to write code.  Turn your digital ideas into reality.

What you get

•    Free KnowledgeKube platform login to a fully featured private ‘sandbox’ environment
•    Freedom to create anywhere as KnowledgeKube is hosted and deployed from the Microsoft Azure Cloud
•    Use of the platform for up to three months
•    Online training and support


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Terms and conditions
‘My smart city app’ is a promotion run by Mercato Solutions Ltd – creators of KnowledgeKube.  Mercato Solutions Ltd, 45-55 Camden Street, Birmingham B1 3BP, UK.  Free login is subject to availability and this offer is liable to change without notice at the discretion of Mercato Solutions Ltd. To qualify for a free login, prospective participants must first complete a registration questionnaire. Free KnowledgeKube login is initially available to 100 participants for up to three months from 17.11.15. Free login to KnowledgeKube provides access to a fully featured ‘sandbox’ environment.  Users will be able to prototype and preview applications but will not be able to publish or scale applications under the terms of the promotion.  Full terms and conditions are available on request.