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Your application Platform-as-a-Service

Access the enterprise platform as an aPaaS solution from the Cloud coupled with training and support to build your internal digital capability, so you can create enterprise web and mobile apps for you or your customers. Transform your business processes and those of your customers.

Use the award-winning KnowledgeKube platform as your strategic technology of choice to drive competitive advantage, cost reduction, automation simplicity and compliant creation of apps for less.

Quickly create, manage, deploy and distribute unlimited business process apps without developing code, so quicker and at less cost than traditional software development. 

Take ownership of your digital future with ever increasing ROI. 

  • Escalate the pace and scale of your app creation for internal consumption or for your customers. The more you automate and improve, the greater the ROI.
  • Overcome the development skills shortage and upskill existing and new business users
  • Enable non-programmers and IT to spot opportunities and solve their own problems
  • Relieve pressures on development teams and when needed enable IT to simply design, build and deploy apps rapidly, freeing time to focus on other priorities
  • Drive greater collaboration between teams and achieve solutions to problems faster
  • Positively encourage innovation without fear of failure.  Give users the ability to quickly prototype, test and tear down apps without cost
  • Create apps then distribute to users via an optional App store.  Gain revenues and return on investment from pushing take up of the apps you have created. 
  • Get enterprise apps in days not months 

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Power to the people

With implementers not developers, shift the paradigm of development and introduce new ways of problem-solving.  Unlock the knowledge and capability of your teams. Build upon your existing IT team, upskill business users or grow a dedicated team of non-IT implementers with a solution first focus.

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Chet Gladkowski of GAPro on KnowledgeKube

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Proven training, support and community

Designed by users for users.  Access a bank of user-friendly online training videos and courses to upskill non-technical users in as little as six weeks.  Proven to reskill a diverse background of users with no IT background, including apprentices, security doormen, McDonald’s, gym and call centre workers. 

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