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Demand for apps is at an all-time high and with technology and trends for app generation by and for consumers now driving expectations in the business world, there’s never been a better time to seize the moment, make a difference and be an entrepreneur.

More accessible app creation

Now, with the KnowledgeKube platform, enterprise app creation is accessible to all.  Gone are the restraints of high costs, long timeframes and therefore risks associated with creation of advanced enterprise level apps.  Gone are the days of learning multiple programming languages, database design and rendering techniques. 

Welcome to a new way of working that demands one platform and an enthusiasm to create applications without boundaries and cost.  Use a free platform licence to access your private ‘sandbox’ for prototyping plus online training to go create, access and contribute to the growing digital economy and community.   

Create apps for your business or others quickly

  • Free login to the KnowledgeKube platform
  • Access free online training and resources
  • Rapidly create, prototype and manage multiple apps without cost
  • Sell and publish your apps to gain revenue share with KnowledgeKube
  • Automate business processes from pre-sales to specialist areas 
  • Leverage the power of OpenData and the Internet of Things
  • Take your web apps mobile in a click

What is?

KnowledgeKube is the app platform that enables all users to create enterprise web and mobile apps quicker and cheaper, without having to write code.  For citizen developers looking to create apps for their own business, a client, Smart Cities or leverage the power of the Internet of Things, KnowledgeKube offers an accessible route into digital.  Without writing code, use the platform to create, manage, deploy and distribute unlimited business process apps.

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Innovate in almost any business process area

Pre-sales - Get closer to customers and qualify needs better.

From simple customer surveys and product, configurators to fully interactive advisory experiences. Learn More

Trading - Trade more profitably with stakeholders. Sell more, faster.

Transactional vertical market portals that unlock growth. Learn More

Common processes - Unlock daily productivity and efficiency.

Expenses claims, holiday requests, administration processes, procurement authorisation and more... Learn More

Specialist processes - Complex tasks made simple.

Business or role specific processes transformed. Learn More

A feature rich, code-less platform

Data. Integrate data in and out, to and from anywhere. Learn More

Forms. Create and control sophisticated data capture. Learn More

Expressions. Introduce powerful maths to automate decision making. Learn More

Workflow. Drive relevant multi-channel actions. Learn More

Documentation. Auto-generate high quality personalised documents. Learn More

Reports and Business Intelligence. Drive real-time reporting dashboards. Learn More

Take it mobile. Design once, instantly run everywhere. Learn More

Take it global. Deliver out in multiple cultures and languages. Learn More