Platform Features

Our built-in features allow you to achieve your complete solution, faster and cheaper than ever before.


Empowering you to build and get results fast!

One platform, one workflow, KnowledgeKube includes all the tools you need to build applications of any scale.

Model Features

With a wide range of built-in features, each with their own specific properties, form, and functions


With an extensible expression engine allowing builders to create new logic more easily

Deployed with Speed

Allows users to build new products, connect to existing data sources, and then deploy, fast!

Why KnowledgeKube?

Everything you need to build and deploy enterprise web and mobile applications

Data Processing and Analytics

Role Management

Data Sources

Content Management and UX

Expression Groups

State Management and Workflow

Document Management


Model Management

Fast Deployment

Platform Security

Truly Scalable

Why Lowcode?

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“Through 2021, market demand or app development will grow at least five times faster than IT capacity to deliver it.“

“29% of businesses are using low-code solutions today, while 43% said they are interested in working with a low-code provider.”


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Develop highly connected apps that can connect and deploy across enterprise data, cloud services and devices.


Create highly configurable applications, handle process, decision making and compliance

Build professional forms with all the controls you’ll ever need

Customise user journeys with unlimited user states and roles

Build and develop complex expressions with the simplicity of Excel

Connect and exchange data with current and legacy systems

Develop apps once

Deploy HTML and native mobile, without modifications

Index and search data independently from its original data source

Dynamically shape, filter and derive new data

Microsoft Word compatible document templates for report and document generation

Rapid Proof of Concepts

Quickly Build up and Teardown

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