Build from Excel

Cloud-first applications direct from your spreadsheets and data

As is common in many organisations, spreadsheets are created to maintain just a few items, but they soon grow, often becoming unmanageable and unruly the bigger they get. Maintaining flexibility becomes difficult and integrating into other systems and data sources, a significant headache.

Implementing a single spreadsheet across multiple departments, maintaining brand compliance within documents and managing data and images very quickly becomes an impossible task.


Transition from spreadsheet to scalable cloud app in under 10 minutes

KnowledgeKube provides everything you need to rapidly build cloud-first applications straight from Microsoft Excel complete with the 'lift and shift' of the structure and data of your spreadsheets.

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With only a couple of clicks, import your excel sheets structure and data, then let KnowledgeKube automatically build your base cloud application.


Once imported, immediately publish your application to the cloud, complete with full navigation and Create, Read, Update and Delete functionality.


Low-code opens an endless world of opportunities, quickly build out your application with unparalleled scale and connectivity, then integrate technologies such as; Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things, Machine Learning and more...

Building cloud-first applications from Excel

See how easy it is to build low-code applications from Microsoft Excel in under 10 minutes by watching episode 2 of our Low-code Live Series.

This episode is based around the rapid building of cloud-first apps straight from your Microsoft Excel sheets complete with the lift and shift of data and includes:

  • Importing both the structure and data from a Microsoft Excel sheet to build a cloud-hosted application quickly.

  • How to use Microsoft Word to create document templates to publish out data from our app.

  • Quickly creating and publishing an API to surface application data to other external systems.

Better manage, maintain and control your data

Building Apps with our low-code platform KnowledgeKube enables you to maintain better and do more with your data compared to using traditional spreadsheets.

Cloud-first applications ensure everyone is using the latest version, no errors exist or are introduced into the calculations, and more importantly, no-one can subsequently tamper with those calculations. And because these apps are so intuitive to use, adoption increases, meaning everyone can access and update your data with ease.


Manage best practice and workflows with ease

Spreadsheets are only typically part of an overall business process. KnowledgeKube applications are different, providing a full end-to-end optimised solution to your processes and workflows. With its unrivalled connectivity, it can also easily slot into your current environment to join existing systems and processes together.

If your organisation is struggling with compliance and data protection, if your data sits within numerous unprotected spreadsheets for anyone to modify or copy, then KnowledgeKube can quickly remove this headache by providing fully secured applications that deliver role-based views and data complete with full historical tracking and auditability.

Provide a better experience to your customers

The digital landscape has changed; customers now expect more...

Visible management of processes within spreadsheets, lack of interactive options for customers, limited business rules, user governance, lack of protection and ability for malicious manipulation can all make for poor user experience and overall impression.

By utilising low-code, secured cloud-first apps can easily be updated via web and mobile devices, combine these with great looking user interfaces makes for the very best customer experience possible.


Ultimate flexibility with Expressions

Focus on building dynamic applications from your spreadsheets without the need for a developer.

In reality, applications are just a series of expressions and logic. Low-code allows you to focus on your processes, data, calculations and expressions while the platform takes care of the rest.

And with our fully-featured expression parser, if you can use Microsoft Excel, then you'll feel right at home writing KnowledgeKube expressions.

Include string literals and concatenation, variables, constants, arithmetic operators, parenthesis, Boolean operators, common math functions and more while also gaining access to custom roles, states and variables defined within your application.

You can even embed expressions into Microsoft Word documents, providing complete customisation and control of the data surfaced within your applications documents.

What about complex formulae?

KnowledgeKube can work with formulae and also comes with Excel/numerically compatible statistical functions without the need for Microsoft Excel.

  • Add Excel compatible mathematical and statistical functions to your KnowledgeKube applications

  • If you know the name of the Excel function, then you know the name of the KnowledgeKube equivalent

  • High performance

  • Parameters

  • Output results
        Data source

Build and Streamline your Workflows

KnowledgeKube provides first-class support for designing and building workflows, helping you to define and manage interactions as part of your applications.

Efficiently manage step orientated workflows with expressions and built-in actions complete with connectivity and integration to over 150 applications and services out of the box.

Use actions to simplify tasks such as sending e-mails, accessing remote storage or calling 3rd party services, and you can even generate Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe PDF documents with dynamic data on the fly.

Workflows can also be scheduled allowing your applications to process recurring tasks, reminders and other forms of temporal workflows.



Document and Report Creation

Whatever your document or report requirements, KnowledgeKube can handle with ease, providing high fidelity document generation to your applications.

Leverage your current knowledge by utilising Microsoft Word as your document designer, incorporate expressions, application data, external data and a variety of assets.

And with conditional processing, you are provided with the ability to activate and de-activate content blocks such as text and images as well as the ability to incorporate other templates to construct full documentation packs.

We also support multiple languages and globalisation, providing the ability for your apps to dynamically produce localised documentation and reports.


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