Cloud First

Let us take care of it.

Focus on building applications and business logic, and let the platform solve hard problems such as security, privacy, reliability, scalability, management, and latency.

KnowledgeKube allows you to build web, mobile and service-driven applications, publishing them directly into the cloud.

Take control of your operational costs, scale when you need to.


Built for the Cloud

KnowledgeKube provides everything you need to build complete cloud-first applications and securely manage, monitor, and run them.

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Deploy web and mobile applications with built-in automatic scaling, global load balancing and instant failover.


Deliver highly available data and business logic to our service fabric with automatic scaling, rolling upgrades and self-healing.

Data and Storage

Pick your data sovereignty, and we take care of the rest. Secure, isolated, and always encrypted, your data and cloud storage are in safe hands.

Why KnowledgeKube?

Everything you need to build and deploy applications and services to the cloud
  • KnowledgeKube gives you multiple points of delivery, all cloud-first, all from a single, secure, and easy to manage environment

  • We built our platform with DevOps at its heart. Plan, collaborate and get to your MVPs faster - add services and capacity as you need it

  • Get single-click deployment for your applications and services, no need to stand-up infrastructure or front-load your costs

  • Your data in the geography of choice – our data sovereignty model allows you to support customer-driven data privacy requirements

  • Transparent data encryption for your subscription. Data at rest and data in motion, all end-to-end encrypted, always!

  • Bring your own keys (BYOK) for Azure and AWS storage plans – the platform takes care of securing your access details in your personal key vault

  • Provision elastic search services, extra storage or, change your subscription capacity, all from the same, centralised management environment

  • Each subscription comes with its own set of isolated resources secured with managed identify and independent key management services

  • Build cloud-first functionality directly into your applications, take advantage of our rich function support for cloud resources and services

  • Run background processes on our distributed service fabric and get automatic scale, rolling upgrades and self-healing from faults when they occur

  • Publish and manage any data source or business process as RESTful services with our unified API architecture

  • Each subscription comes with its own developer portal that lets you manage 3rd party access and provides code examples in different programming languages

and that's not all...

Automatically generate Open API documentation for your services and let the platform streamline service discoverability

Apply call rate limits and usage quotas to your published services

Add reliable, high-performing, real-time communication features to your applications without worrying about hosting and scalability

Schedule tasks and business logic to run based on simple or complex recurring schedules, all from our distributed service fabric

Create runtime versions of your subscriptions in any of our supported geographies directly from our centralised management environment

Includes a wide range of integrated real-time application telemetry for consumption, debugging, performance and customer support

Why do we use Azure? With over 3,500 global security experts and $1 billion invested annually, your applications are protected by Microsoft’s industry leading security

Take control and use your own Azure tenant. Flexible licensing and support options for enterprises

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