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KnowledgeKube is an award-winning low-code app development platform. Without having to write code, you can produce enterprise web and mobile apps faster and cheaper than using traditional development methods. Without a doubt, it’s the fastest way for business users and IT professionals alike to create, test and deploy apps that run across devices.

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Excel Users

Want the Power & Convenience of Spreadsheets with the Accessibility of Enterprise Apps?

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Business Users

Know your Processes Better than Anyone? 
Rapidly Build Direct from the Business

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Designers & Developers

Getting Swamped by the Little Things?
Free More Time for the Big Things...

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Truly Cross Platform

Build Once, Publish to All

Cross Platform Apps without the hassle of HTML, Custom API’s or Cross Compilations.

Without a doubt, the fastest way for business users and IT professionals alike to create, test and deploy enterprise apps to run across devices without change.

Everything in One Box

KnowledgeKube comes packed with everything you need to build Apps of any Scale.

User Role Management
Customise your user’s journey with any number of user states or roles.

Form Designer
Quickly build professional looking forms with all the controls you’ll ever need.

Integrated Content & Asset Management
Designers can fully customise applications with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Extensible Expression Engine
Build and develop complex expressions with the simplicity of Excel.

Document Rendering
Design documents with Microsoft Word, then incorporate expressions, data, external data, and image assets - all with multi-language support.

Data Flow Engine
Dynamically shape, filter and derive new data.

Data & Connectivity
Connect and exchange data with current and legacy systems.

Data Indexing
Index and search data independently from its original data source.

Cross Platform Deployment
Develop your apps once and deploy as HTML and native mobile applications, no modifications required.

Cost effectively scale the Apps you build and deploy with elastic scale.

ISO 27001 and CESG Security Accredited, for peace of mind.

Productivity Redefined!

Work Smarter......From Concept to App Faster!

By moving away from Traditional Development methods, Apps of any scale can be produced in a fraction of the time and cost.


Data Access Made Easy...

Connect to over 60 products, services, formats and technologies straight out of the box, and all without any programming.

Connect to SalesForce Connect to NetSuite Connect to Google Analytics Connect to Oracle Connect to Microsoft Dynamics Connect to Sugar CRM Connect to Zoho Connect to Google AdWords Connect to Hub Spot Connect to Xero Connect to Microsoft SharePoint Connect to Connect to Sage Connect to QuickBooks Connect to Marketo Connect to Google Apps Connect to FreshBooks Connect to Exact Connect to Amazon AWS Connect to Microsoft Excel Connect to HPCC Connect to Facebook Connect to Connect to SAP Connect to Google Big Query Connect to Twitter
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The Power of the Cloud

Cost effectively Scale the Apps you Build and Deploy

Success is not something that can be easily predicted, first impressions last... KnowledgeKube supports elastic scale, so you can focus on what matters... The App...

By adopting the Microsoft Cloud as our deployment platform you can cost effectively scale the successful apps you build and deploy.

Training and Community

Learn to Rapidly Develop Your Applications with our Online Training Academy

Courses, Videos, Reference Documentation and More....

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Who's Benefiting from KnowledgeKube

Our proven technology is used in over 150 countries by some of the world's biggest names

 IBM Microsoft Hewlett Packard Plantronics Jabra TIR HM Government CS Transform Crown Commercial Services Birmingham City Council

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How does the Government feel about Digital Transformation?

13 February 2019

Digital transformation is not only relevant in the private sector, but also within public sector where many practices and processes can be automated and optimised. The Government has recently approved a budget of £80 billion to be spent on 41 major programmes, with 19 of these being digital transformation initiatives valued around £38 billion. Read more

KnowledgeKube Release

26 March 2018

Today, we are pleased to announce that we are releasing KnowledgeKube to our customers. Read more

KnowledgeKube Release

26 March 2018

Today, we are pleased to announce that we are releasing KnowledgeKube to our customers. Read more

Content Delivery

16 November 2017

Continuing with the improvements made on our user interface, we have made easy for users who have... Read more

Tab Redesign

16 November 2017

We hope that the new interface will make it easy for users to start using KnolwedgeKube and navig... Read more

Natural Language Processing

03 October 2017

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been added to Data Sources. Read more

The Expression Editor Redesign

03 October 2017

The editor has been redesigned to make it visually consistent with other updated windows. Read more

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