Optimise business processes with low-code platform

Digital Customer Interaction

Provide your customers with a better digital experience, all without the time and cost of traditional development.

Deliver great looking cloud based business applications via the web and mobile devices all from one App – Build Once, Publish to All. Not only that, KnowledgeKube will also simplify and automate your processes at the same time.



Fast and Dynamic

As the go-to Rapid Application Development Platform, KnowledgeKube will not only fully enable your digital solutions, but also empower them to evolve with you, your business and sector markets, as and when they do.

A truly cost effective, future-proof approach to your business applications.

Solutions Developed by the Business

Developers are a precious resource, how many great business processes and systems fall short due to lack of developer availability?

KnowledgeKube resolves this issue by putting power back into the hands of the business, alleviate the strain on your developers, and allow them to focus on projects that truly warrant their expertise and time.



Legacy Systems Integration not Termination

Frustrated with your Legacy Systems? Know they need to be retained, but struggle with their inefficiency or lack of features?

Want to provide intuitive interfaces to users, replicate or optimise existing processes without the expense of developing a complete new system? KnowledgeKube allows your Legacy Systems and existing assets to be retained, whilst adding automation, features, and clarity via business integration layers positioned between users and antiquated systems.

Compliance and Auditability

KnowledgeKube empowers you to create easy to use, fully featured applications for customers and employees alike, whilst seamlessly providing the ability to handle huge amounts of data behind the scenes. Not only that, but, fully surface that data later, to provide full audit trails and attain industry compliance; how, where and when you need it.


Digitise to Revolutionise

Revolutionise your business by creating Best Practice Solutions.

Optimise your processes, digitise existing manual tasks, and join processes together to see huge reductions not only in duplication of effort but also in costs. KnowledgeKube has efficiency built into its core.


Rapid Prototyping just got Even Faster...


Easily prototype and test new applications with your users, faster. Efficiently test and refine to build more complete solutions that users will happily adopt.

  • Prototype and Test Apps Faster
  • Easily Adjust and Refine the Apps you Build
  • Integrate Users Earlier for Better Adoption
  • Reduce Times from Prototype to Launch