Reduce time, cost and risk of taking insurance systems to market online

Empower the business to define, adjust and sell complex products quickly.

Put flexibility into your insurance technology.

For insurers, brokers and MGAs, taking often complex insurance products to market and transacting online relies on bespoke development from an already under-pressure IT team. This dictates lengthening product development and time-to-market cycles, and levels of risk that simply aren't acceptable in modern business.

Why not give business people the ability to improve customer experience, drive competitive advantage, deliver more efficient multi-channel deals, increase sales volume and offer a more targeted and accurate product portfolio? Then, go a step further to connect and extend existing legacy processes and databases across the business.

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Secure by design

CESG Pan Government and ISO 27001 compliant approach, meeting Information Governance and security standards for shared services.


"We're able to respond rapidly to keep premiums attractive, driving automatic renewals."

"KnowledgeKube is set to help Capita Insurance Services and Cobalt become a market-changer by driving risk out of the workflow processes of complex products."

"We're able to respond rapidly to keep premiums attractive, driving automatic renewals."

Case Study: GAPro

Start-up GAPro develops rapid proof of concept with KnowledgeKube.

People have been on the lookout for the next big thing in insurance, and we can now demonstrate what that looks like to investors and the market.

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What's Costing You Dearly?

The insurance sector is often very conservative, perceived as slow moving, and operates with many long established business practices and processes.

However, times move on, new business models emerge, and legacy processes become inefficient.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

What is IoT?

Understanding the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical internet connected devices. These connected devices have the potential to communicate not only with devices of the same type, but also with other internet-enabled devices and systems.

IoT objects range from simple sensors, thermostats and electronic appliances through to vast commercial lighting grids, sophisticated security systems and more...

Connect to IoT

Release the Power of IoT Data

KnowledgeKube provides connectivity to over 60 Data Providers straight out of the box...

But That's Not All! - KnowledgeKube's excellence is in its ability to connect to custom data sources; simply configure your required data source, and Connect to Virtually Anything...

And the best part? - All this can be performed quickly and simply with no complex code to write.

If you have devices that utilise RESTful Services - KnowledgeKube can connect to it.

Do more than just connect to devices...

Work with IoT Data and Endpoints

  • 60+ Packaged Data Sources
  • Customised Data Sources
  • RESTful Services
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Big Data
  • Data Comparisons
  • Dashboarding
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Actions
  • Optimised Workflows
  • Dynamic Data Management
  • Cognitive Learning

Whilst traditional IoT platforms connect to devices and receive data, many of them just surface this data to nothing more than a Dashboard - That's where KnowledgeKube is really different...


Develop Powerful Multi-Connectable Enterprise IoT Solutions to transform business processes, systems and value.

Utilise Smart Connected Capabilities and Integrated Machine Learning to simplify complex Big Data Analysis and Management.

Optimise and Automate complex Workflows, Connect to any number of IoT Devices and systems to develop complete end to end intelligent scalable systems.


Build IoT Systems in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional development.


Integrate and Automate to create Intelligent Workflow Systems.


Futureproof your investment, Easily Scale alongside IoT and Business Requirements.


Build Rich Interactive Web and Mobile Applications, Dashboards, Complex Workflows and Automation all without writing code


Connect to virtually all systems and devices out of the box, expand connectivity further with custom connections.


End to End Security, deployed via Microsoft Azure Technology, complete with ISO 27001 and CESG Accreditation, for total peace of mind.

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Smart Cities

Apps for an integrated urban landscape, for less.

Empower cities and citizens to create their own apps for society.

Cut complexity and transform the way cities and citizens deliver an integrated urban landscape

Delivering a fully integrated urban landscape that maximises big data from legacy systems, services, databases, sensors and the Internet of Things, is especially complex when converting to a smarter city.

Plus, demand for business apps globally is at an all-time high as digital has become default for driving efficiency and productivity. So, how can Smart City leaders deliver on high technology aspirations given budget constraints, and critically, a global shortage of developers?

Without having to write code, KnowledgeKube simplifies creation of connected apps that integrate and leverage services and data. This award-winning platform empowers all users - cities and citizens - to collaborate, innovate and make digital transformation a reality.

A strategic digital transformation platform

Digital, quicker and cheaper. Code is slow and development skills scarce. Without having to write code, empower your teams and citizens to rapidly prototype and deploy enterprise Cloud apps. Realise the efficiency and productivity benefits of apps sooner via an available resource and proven process.

Maximise return from existing systems, services and data investments. Quickly connect, extend and transition between any new and old systems and data for smarter interoperability and more collaborative ways of working.

Drive smart interoperability without code. Maximise return on investment from data, services and systems, on-premise or in the Cloud. Easily configure, retrieve and index even custom city data sources to use in your apps, including OData and the Internet of Things.

Do difficult things fast for unprecedented ROI. Introduce machine learning for predictive systems. Deliver responsive citizen-facing apps and design once, instantly run everywhere - web and mobile.

Cloud-based Apps with world-wide scale. Keep up with service expansion, easily evolve app functionality overtime, then scale digital services as needed using the elasticity of the Cloud.

Create, share, earn. Create apps, then share and trade them across the global Smart City community for your benefit and that of the Smart City movement.

Your app platform.

With KnowledgeKube, create enterprise web and mobile apps quicker and cheaper without the time, cost and inherent risk of writing code. Enable non-developers and IT alike to rapidly innovate and automate processes. Either You Create or We Create your enterprise Cloud apps to deliver rich and responsive digital services.

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My smart city app

Get involved. Go create for free!

KnowledgeKube is mobilising cities and citizens to create their own apps for society. Join the wave of qualifying users with free platform access to rapidly prototype apps without boundaries.

Join the next wave of social innovation.

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Configure your products more accurately

Build, modify and deploy powerful configurators with ease

If you are looking to enable configuration of your products within your website, or require more complex rules based configurators to streamline your business processes, then KnowledgeKube is for you. Make powerful decisions decided by user's actions.

KnowledgeKube allows you to quickly start creating form based online calculations with ease. Build and add more complex dynamically triggered actions as and when you need, complete with multi-layered forms, enabling ongoing expansion of your online configurators.

Need to configure on the move? - No problem, our system works well on laptops and mobile devices, giving your sales team the power to configure, literally at their fingertips.


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Audit your Compliance more efficiently

With many industries now becoming heavily regulated and requiring intensive administration and auditing of compliance, individuals tasked with managing this can soon find themselves in a logistical nightmare.

KnowledgeKube can help - Increase your cost savings by removing duplication with automated compliance workflow and reporting.

Streamline processes for elements such as; Risk Management, Permits and Approvals, Action and Issue Tracking, Audit and Assessment, Document Management and Compliance Management.


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Implementation & Development Services

Implementation Services Get your solutions deployed quicker In your Organisation

One of the primary features of the KnowledgeKube platform is its ability to allow super complex solutions to be configured and deployed with ease, in the shortest times possible.

By utilising the easy to navigate user interface, and with tools such as our advanced expression engine, you really can deploy complex solutions that much quicker.

However you may just not have the in-house resources available or would prefer to ensure a more efficient deployment to get your data solution up and running.

This is where our Implementation Team can help, by working with our friendly KnowledgeKube Deployment Experts, we can help you to configure and deploy that much quicker.

Bespoke Development Services Push KnowledgeKube further

The range of applications you can build from the KnowledgeKube platform are almost limitless. We specifically developed it this way, to be as flexible and dynamic as possible, to place the power to create firmly in your hands.

Out of the box KnowledgeKube comes with the ability to integrate with major ERP Systems and Office Applications.

However, sometimes you just need even more....

This is where our dedicated Development Team can help.

Want to push KnowledgeKube even further? - Our experts can work with you to develop advanced bespoke solutions, from small add-ons to mammoth integrated systems, you detail it and we will make it happen.