Reduce your risk in Insurance product development

KnowledgeKube is the ideal platform for your Insurance product development.

Having been adopted as the 'system of choice' by some of the worlds largest insurance companies, and with elements such as our powerful question and rating engine, full policy configurations and cloud based document rendering, you can be assured of it's capability to perform.

Implementing one spreadsheet across multiple departments, maintaining brand identity within documents and managing data and images also become impossible tasks.

KnowledgeKube empowers you to Design, Develop and Publish your Insurance Products that much faster.

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Educate and Train more intelligently

Education and Training unfortunately comes with a lot of paperwork - Forms, Schedules, Reviews, Feedback the list is endless.

This is where KnowledgeKube can help, simplify your training process with automated workflows, record and monitor with advanced reporting and collect feedback from delegates and students. Our powerful platform will help streamline your administration to free up more time for lecturers and teachers to do what they do best - Teach.

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Public Sector can do more for less with Efficiency Savings

With the constant demands put upon the Public Sector to do more with less, Efficiency Savings are the obvious primary focus in achieving this.

Unfortunately this is often a more demanding and ambitious task to implement and achieve than implied, doing more with less is in fact, a very tall order. However, optimisation is the key; huge improvements can be made by standardising, streamlining and automating your processes.

Optimisation is where our platform really comes into its own. - With the current theme being Cost Reduction, Connecting for Health are achieving this by implementing KnowledgeKube to streamline their entire procurement and approval processes. Implement our Platform now to kick start your Efficiency Savings.