Internet of Things (IoT)

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical internet connected devices. These connected devices have the potential to communicate not only with devices of the same type, but also with other internet-enabled devices and systems.

IoT objects range from simple sensors, thermostats and electronic appliances through to vast commercial lighting grids, sophisticated security systems and more….

Connect to IoT - Release the Power of IoT Data

KnowledgeKube provides connectivity to over 60 Data Providers straight out of the box…

But That’s Not All! – KnowledgeKube’s excellence is in its ability to connect to custom data sources; simply configure your required data source, and Connect to Virtually Anything…

And the best part? - All this can be performed quickly and simply with no complex code to write.

If you have devices that utilise RESTful Services – KnowledgeKube can connect to it.

Data Providers Custom Data Providers

Do more than just connect to devices…

Work with IoT Data and Endpoints


60+ Packaged Data Sources

Customised Data Sources

RESTful Services

Native Mobile Apps


Big Data

Data Comparisons


Predictive Analysis


Data Actions

Optimised Workflows

Dynamic Data Management

Cognitive Learning

Whilst traditional IoT platforms connect to devices and receive data, many of them just surface this data to nothing more than a Dashboard – That’s where KnowledgeKube is really different…

Utilise your Data

Easily build and configure meaningful applications that react to live data, automate process and optimise systems.

Automate – Set and Forget

Utilise Real-Time Data

Integrate Devices with your Legacy Systems

Schedule to deliver at the Right Time

Connect to Devices

Without the hassle of App Store approvals

Update on the Fly

Build Once – Publish to Many


Develop Powerful Multi-Connectable Enterprise IoT Solutions to transform business processes, systems and value.

Utilise Smart Connected Capabilities and Integrated Machine Learning to simplify complex Big Data Analysis and Management.

Optimise and Automate complex Workflows, Connect to any number of IoT Devices and systems to develop complete end to end intelligent scalable systems.


Build IoT Systems in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional development.


Integrate and Automate to create Intelligent Workflow Systems.


Futureproof your investment, Easily Scale alongside IoT and Business Requirements.


Build Rich Interactive Web and Mobile Applications, Dashboards, Complex Workflows and Automation all without writing code.


Connect to virtually all systems and devices out of the box, expand connectivity further with custom connections.


End to End Security, deployed via Microsoft Azure Technology, complete with ISO 27001 and CESG Accreditation, for total peace of mind.

Empower your team to start innovating