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Cross Platform App Development

Take the hassle out of Cross Platform App Creation

KnowledgeKube is the fastest way to develop highly connected apps for Windows, iOS and Android.

Create, Test, and Simultaneously Deploy enterprise grade apps that can run across devices, without changes.


Data Connectivity

KnowledgeKube makes the connection to data even simpler.

Out of the box, access data from over 60 products, services and technologies using KnowledgeKube data source providers, zero programming, zero fuss.

Not enough? Use our in-memory data provider, it’s compact, secure and fast. Still not enough? Define your own data providers, without programming, without leaving KnowledgeKube.


We understand that businesses have existing line of business applications,collaborative tools and ERP systems that are vital to on-going operations. That's why we have a great extensibility model; create question plugins, expression functions and custom workflow actions using Microsoft C#, VB.NET or even managed C++.

Want a faster solution? – Then try our add-on packs, solutions that help you integrate with industry standard technologies such as Microsoft Office™ and SharePoint™



Cloud Based Scalable Applications

Enjoy the huge benefits of delivering your applications from the cloud.

KnowledgeKube is deployed using Microsoft Azure, meaning you can cost effectively scale the apps you build and deploy.

Successful apps are not always easy to predict, our cloud based solution supports elastic scale, meaning you can focus on what matters most to you, building great fully featured apps.


Want to enjoy the flexibility of a platform, but worry about how secure it is?

No problem, we take security very seriously, that's why our data is transparently encrypted to protect it in play or at rest, network communications are encrypted, and high availability and scalability options are given.

Additionally, our private cloud and the KnowledgeKube platform are both ISO 27001 and CESG security accredited.



Content Delivery UI

Build fully standard compliant HTML/HTML5, CSS and JavaScript based UI’s that embrace today's modern web.

KnowledgeKube provides Designers and Developers with a fully functioning In-platform Content Delivery Editor that comes complete with:

  • IntelliSense
  • Auto-completion
  • Snippets
  • Smart-tags
  • And More...

Or if you prefer to continue working with tools such as: Dreamweaver, HTML Editors, Photoshop or Visual Studio then that's no problem, KnowledgeKube can handle that too..

Empower your team to start innovating