Excel users, take your spreadsheets to another level with low-code

Better manage and maintain your data

By Building Apps with low-code platform KnowledgeKube you can better maintain and do more with your data compared to using traditional Spreadsheets. KnowledgeKube Apps ensure everyone is using the latest version, no errors exist, or are introduced into the calculations, or that anyone can tamper with those calculations. And because these apps are so easy to use, everyone can update and maintain your data.



Manage best practice and workflows with ease

Spreadsheets are only normally part of an overall business process - KnowledgeKube Apps are different and can provide a true end-to-end optimised solution to your processes and workflows. Struggling with compliancy and data protection, because anyone can modify or copy your data? – KnowledgeKube Apps take away this headache, run applications that are fully secure and role driven with ease.

Complexity and scale

As is common in many business scenarios, spreadsheets that were built to maintain just a few items, soon grow – Often becoming un-manageable and unruly the bigger they get, maintaining flexibility becomes difficult and integrating into other systems and data sources, a major headache.

Implementing one spreadsheet across multiple departments, maintaining brand identity within documents and managing data and images also become impossible tasks.

KnowledgeKube removes all of this complication – Apps are designed to consume vast amounts of data, scale as required, integrate seamlessly with other systems and manage assets with ease.



Make the right impression with your customers

The digital landscape has changed, customers now expect more...

Visible management of processes via spreadsheets, lack of interactive options for customers without complex business rules, lack of protection and ability for malicious manipulation all make for a bad impression.

Low-code platform KnowledgeKube's secured apps can be easily updated via web and mobile devices - That, combined with great looking user interfaces, make for the very best customer experience possible.

Expressions, ultimate flexibility

Want to build dynamic applications instead of spreadsheets, without becoming a programmer?

Applications are just a series of expressions and logic... KnowledgeKube lets you focus on your expressions, calculations, processes and data whilst it does the boring stuff for you.

Our expression engine is a fully featured, state of the art, high performance expression parser. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel™ then you can write KnowledgeKube expressions.

Create expressions and calculations that include string literals and concatenation, variables, constants, arithmetic operators, parenthesis, Boolean operators, common math functions and many more. Gain access to any of the custom roles, states and variables defined within your models.

Expressions can even be embedded into Microsoft Word™ documents, allowing you to take full control of how and what appears in the documents your application generates.



Workflow = Data Flow

The word Workflow can be interpreted in many ways. To KnowledgeKube, Workflow means 'Giving our users the ability to describe a series of tasks that produce an outcome'.

Our Data Flow system provides first class support for designing workflows, helping you to collaborate and manage interactions as part of your applications.

Manage step orientated workflows complete with expressions and built in actions with our easy to use designer, and of course, it fully understands the 60+ applications and services KnowledgeKube can integrate with.

Use additional actions for simplifying tasks such as sending an e-mail, accessing FTP servers and calling 3rd party services. You can even generate Microsoft Word™ and Microsoft Excel™ documents on the fly or publish them to PDF Format.

Workflow can also be run using the KnowledgeKube scheduler, allowing you to process reminders and other types of temporal workflow.

Document rendering = leveraging what you already know

Whatever your documentation requirements are, our platform provides high fidelity document generation that will support all of your applications document production needs, however complex.

Leverage what you already know by utilising Microsoft Word™ as your document designer; Incorporate expressions, model data, external data and content assets.

Conditional processing is also fully supported providing the ability to activate and de-activate text blocks as required, even incorporate other templates for constructing full documentation packs.

Need to support multiple languages? – Not a problem, our document generation technology also comes fully globalised, Microsoft Word™ is already pretty good at handling localisation.