Enterprise Applications Made Easy

KnowledgeKube is the low-code platform that enables you to produce enterprise web and mobile apps faster and more cost effective than traditional development.

Without a doubt, it's the fastest way for Business Users, Developers, Solution Architects, and Citizen Developers alike to create, test and deploy apps that run across devices.

Agile Development, Cross Platform Applications, Connectivity, Compliance and Auditability - all in a scalable secure cloud environment...

Enterprise web and mobile apps, faster and cheaper

Every aspect of KnowledgeKube has been created to empower you to develop, test and deploy
highly connected apps more quickly. Using low-code, our platform includes all the tools necessary
to build applications of any scale.


Web & Mobile

Apps are easily updated via web and mobile devices, delivering the best experience possible.

Dynamic Applications

Create dynamic applications focusing on workflow automation, processes & data.

Scale & Security

Built for the cloud, full SaaS deployment, highly scalable, secure and cost effective.

Why Low-code?

In this New Technology led world, low-code deliverables will be expected...

Low-code is emerging as a primary strategy in reducing app delivery times to support digital business transformation. With the potential to build enterprise-ready applications ten times faster than traditional methods, it’s imperative to look now to adopt a low-code platform.

“By 2024, low-code application platforms will be responsible for 65% of all application development activity“

“29% of businesses are using low-code solutions today, while 43% said they are interested in working with a low-code provider.”

“500mil.+ new business apps by 2023, that's more than all the applications created in the last 40 years.“

“68% of companies identify agility as one of their most important initiatives.”

Cross-platform development at your fingertips

Looking to build applications that run across Web, Windows, iOS and Android without the hassle of HTML, custom APIs or cross compilations?

KnowledgeKube is without a doubt the fastest way for users to create, test and deploy cross-platform enterprise apps that work without change.


Worry-Free with Low-Code

In this modern connected world organisations have diverse requirements, now more than ever they need
to be agile and adapt, but instead, they are often locked into ‘stop the world’ implementation and change processes.
With IT teams overstretched and unable to focus on core systems and improvement, and with additional
global shortages of IT/development resource, the problem gets compounded further.

Agile Development

Agile low-code empowers you to meet business challenges with continuous modifications, helping to support tactical business pressures and market condition changes while promoting independent growth and change.

Minimum Viable Products

The ability to rapidly build minimum viable products and proof of concepts helps solve problems for both customers and organisational units, moving to easily transition solutions into fully developed processes.


Easily and rapidly integrate and connect with existing corporate and third-party architected data, legacy systems, applications, formats and services to use them as systems of record and systems of engagement where required.

Scalability and the Cloud

As organisations and projects grow, so demands increase.

Because KnowledgeKube is a truly elastic cloud platform, all applications created in it can scale, grow and serve as needed, meaning your apps can start small and grow with confidence.


How fast is fast?

Building Applications

Build an initial application from your existing data, based on your source data structure - add navigation,
editability functions and search, then publish live to the cloud in under 5 minutes…



With KnowledgeKube, connecting to API’s has never been easier, but want to surface your data to other systems?
Tasks such as creating your own API’s with full documentation takes less than 2 minutes…

Work Faster

On average solutions are delivered 70% faster using KnowledgeKube.

Deliver More

Deliver 4x as many solutions in the same timeframe using our low-code platform.

Maximize Profit

Increase profit by over 200% by shifting from your traditional development.


Training and Community

Learn to rapidly develop your low-code applications with our online training academy courses, videos, teachables, reference documentation and more….

Empower your team to start innovating