For Web Designers and Agencies

Digitial Transformation; AI, Bots, Voice, Cognitive, Legacy System Integration, Scalable Cloud Solutions, the list goes on...

Your clients want 'New Tech', and now - But how can your deliver?

When looking to build and deploy large 'Digital Transformation' projects for clients, many Web Designers and Web Design Agencies are left with one of three routes:

Reject work of a certain type, or size

Use external development resource

Try with a CMS platform such as WordPress

But all three of these options are fraught with hassle and stress.

No one likes to turn work away, and as client’s expectations and requirements increase, many agencies are seeing the demand for their current service offerings declining. Freelance and external developers often look like a great solution, but can quickly lead to escalating costs, or unreliability, resulting in reputations being tarnished.

The third option is to try and build solutions on CMS platforms such as WordPress, but these can quickly run out of steam, or become a tangle of 3rd party plug-ins; resulting in unreliable systems or solutions that don’t exactly work how the client wants, not to mention the overwhelming security risks associated with the use of these unknown plugins and the inability to scale.


It's time to look at low-code and KnowledgeKube

Rapidly build on a low-code platform with logic and workflows, but without the need to be a developer.
  • Adopt a platform approach for Digital Transformation

  • Full HTML / CSS / JavaScript support

  • Use Frameworks out of the box, such as Bootstrap and Foundation

  • Build unparalleled enterprise applications with integration of AI, Bots, Voice, Cognitive, Geo, Vision, Legacy Systems Integration and more.

  • Utilise available RESTful API’s to build innovate solutions

  • Publish feeds out to others as easy to consume API’s

  • Build once and publish to Web, iOS and Android with ease

  • Futureproof ongoing Digital Transformation solutions with scalable features and cloud infrastructure

Keep your applications current

App Delivery

  • Responsive Desktop HTML

  • Mobile HTML

  • Native Clients for Windows 10, Android and iOS

  • Augmented Reality Devices

  • Wearables

  • Cloud Notifications

  • RESTful Services

  • Bots and Cognitive Chat Agents

Devices and Sensors

  • Touch

  • Gestures

  • Ink

  • Handwriting

  • Speech Recognition

  • Digital Assistants

  • Surface Dial

  • and more...

Keep doing what you love...

Low-code empowers you to still do the things you love, without becoming a development house


Your beautiful designs, our groundbreaking technology

KnowledgeKube provides everything you need to turn your webdesigns into scalable connected cloud solutions


Build or import your designs in our Content Delivery System using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSON


Rapidly create and connect advanced systems, logic and data structures without being a developer


Easily deploy and scale with a fully secure elastic cloud without the need to setup and maintain complex infrastructure

Empower your team to start innovating