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Reduce time, cost and risk of taking insurance systems to market online

For Insurers, Brokers and Managing General Agents (MGAs), taking complex insurance products to market and transacting online generally relies on bespoke development from an already under-pressure IT team. Resulting in lengthed product development and time-to-market cycles, and levels of risk that aren’t acceptable in the modern insurance industry.


The power for insurance, with the benefits of low-code

KnowledgeKube provides everything you need to rapidly build cloud-first connected insurance applications.

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New Business

Build new sources of revenue, bring multiple products to market quickly, reduce your product development costs all while analysing product adoption and increasing your profit margins.

Policy Management

Quickly configure policy variables such as rates, endorsements, descriptions, quotes, commissions, MTA’s and renewals. Quickly respond to market dynamics to beat the competition on pricing, product delivery and self-service.

Branded Experience

Reassure customers within your own-branded online experience or white label for agents. Complete customisation or get started fast with a vast range of base styles.

Moving beyond simple applications with low-code - Building an insurance app

See how easy it is to extend out from a basic application by watching episode 3 of our Low-code Live Series.

This episode is based around an Insurance solution and how easy it is to extend out with additional functionality and connectivity in low-code and includes::

  • Policy and Price Comparison across multiple providers.

  • Electronic signature integration.

  • Real-time policy document production.

  • Dynamic insurance business rules and workflows.

  • Microsoft Teams integration.

Insurance Transformation with Low-code

Low-code removes the bottleneck, empowering the business to improve customer experience, drive competitive advantage, deliver more efficient multi-channel deals, increase sales volume and offer a more targeted and accurate product portfolio. It also provides the ability to create solutions that can connect and extend existing legacy processes and databases across the organisation.

Why KnowledgeKube?

Everything you need to build and deploy dynamic online insurance applications and services
  • Quickly configure policy variables such as rates, endorsements, descriptions, quotes, commissions, MTA’s and renewals. Rapidly respond to market dynamics to beat the competition on pricing, product delivery and self-service

  • Improve customer experience by automatically providing clients with an online Policy Administration Portal for self-management of policy documentation, renewals and MTAs

  • Unlock capability for volume and world-wide scale on intricate commercial and private lines. Proven in 150 countries and 27 languages

  • Accept insurance claims with ease via simple-to-use claims forms online. Streamline the process by automating communication directly to claims departments

  • Enable partners and unlimited sub-brokers to generate policy quotes directly and rationalise back via our agent invoice generation feature

  • Author and render out Policy Certificates, Terms and Conditions, Reports and more to PDF format for easy distribution and download. Easily attach incoming items like proof of no claims and claims history to risks

  • Manage the full end-to-end referral process to allow simple Underwriter interaction and sign off

  • Instantly view figures such as quote quantities, bound policies, total premiums and commissions coupled with Bordereau reporting

  • Feature-rich back office and preview mode, spell checking, thesaurus, and rating checks. Market, manage and offer insurance cover more efficiently, accurately and competitively. Set role-based filters to secure user access to only relevant data for admin, sales, partners, and more

and that's not all...

Empower your business. 
Enable rapid prototyping of complex products in real-time and reach new markets. Reduce time, cost and risk of taking insurance products to market with low-code

Maximise Income. 
Radically shorten product development and sales cycles. Define and market your unique deals and populate relevant pre-agreed products.

Accept Online Payments. 
Accept online payments easily with a multitude of supported credit card gateways or bind policies and invoice partners via an Invoice Management System.

Support Multiple carriers. 
Offer customers multiple, side by side carrier support on products without bounce-out to external sites. Define carrier-specific expressions and document generation logic.

Customise Communications. 
Configure outgoing communications quickly. Send content-rich and client-specific emails automatically.

Connect and Extend. 
A library of product and service connectors enable simple integration with on-premise and cloud-based providers of CRM, accounting and ERP systems.

Reduce dependency on IT. 
Empower the business to innovate and manage the product lifecycle, releasing IT’s time to focus on other priorities while managing governance and compliance.

Deliver insurance products in multiple languages, currencies and cultures.

What People Say

"KnowledgeKube is set to help Capita Insurance Services and Cobalt become a market-changer by driving risk out of the workflow processes of complex products."

"We're able to respond rapidly to keep premiums attractive, driving automatic renewals."

"It has fundamentally injected a product factory ethos into landlord lines and given us competitive edge in a tough low margin space.  We are now working smarter, keeping overheads down and income up."

"We are able to market, manage and offer well-articulated insurance cover quicker, more accurately and with minimal cost."




Start-up GAPro develops rapid proof of concept with KnowledgeKube.

People have been on the lookout for the next big thing in insurance, and we can now demonstrate what that looks like to investors and the market.

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The Shipowners' Club

Transforming Policy Management with KnowledgeKube

With over 160 years in marine insurance, The Shipowners’ Club partnered with KnowledgeKube for a dynamic policy management system, showcasing an innovative future for maritime insurance.

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