Data connectivity with low-code platform KnowledgeKube

It's Your Data

KnowledgeKube makes the connection to data even simpler.

Out of the box, access data from over 50 products, services and technologies using KnowledgeKube data source providers, zero programming, zero fuss. Not enough? Use our in-memory data provider, it's compact, secure and fast. Still not enough? Define your own data providers, without programming, without leaving KnowledgeKube.

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Data + Workflow = Data Flow

So, we made it easy for your apps to consume, update, search for and display data but we didn't stop there.

Use our unique Data Flow engine to dynamically shape, filter or derive new data. Automate human or system-based processes, build a repository of re-usable business rules. You can even drive your user interfaces through Data Flow decision trees.

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While we are on the Subject of Data ...

Need to give your end-users a way to find data, from more than one source, even if those sources have no native indexing or search extensions?

KnowledgeKube can index data independently from its original data source. Two form controls are all you need to empower your end-users with great search experiences.

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Custom data providers

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Connect to your data

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