Enterprise Server

Deploy to native apps...

KnowledgeKube Enterprise Server enables the same apps
to run on a web browser or with native controls on a device.


Allow your users to access and use your KnowledgeKube models from iPads, selected Windows 10 devices
and Android tablets, whilst taking advantage of many native mobile specific platform features.
It is available for download from both the iOS and Android App Stores.



Company Brand

Apply your company branding to the dashboard and models with simple colour and logo upload options.

Enhance Experience

Enhance the experience of your users by giving them the option to use a KnowledgeKube model as a native application

User Logins

Provide logins for your users so they can access the models you publish to them.


Your models will appear on their dashboard page instantly after publishing.

Mobile Document Uploader

Enterprise Server allows mobile users to upload documents (files) to application models from their mobile devices.

iOS users can upload files from iCloud, Android users can upload files from storage on their device.

All common file types are supported (JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, ZIP, DOC, RTF and PDF), with a maximum file size limit of 5MB.

Style Editor

The styling control within the Enterprise Server has got more powerful, with a new back office Style Editor.

  • Achieve specific styling on tablet and/or phone via JSON Style Key/Value Pairs such as colours, margins, borders and more.

  • Dynamic Styling on Update

  • Styling Presets makes styling easier.

  • Target and style specific groups such as column borders, column spacing and more.

Icon Library

Enterprise Server provides a wide rage of icons. Icons on both mobile platforms are Vector Font format, meaning:

Icon positioning can be fully controlled within buttons.

  • Icons can be scaled to any size, without any loss of quality

  • Icons can be easily sized, as they are font based

Picture Control

Picture control has been added to provide an easier method to adding images to your mobile apps, by using the new Picture Control, images can now be added with either a url, or by using the asset data assigned when uploaded.


Enterprise Server provides access to geo-location sensor information from within KnowledgeKube apps.

Access and utilise data on:

  • Current Location (Longitude and Latitude)

  • Altitude

  • Bearing

  • Time Stamp

  • Speed

  • Accuracy

Update Warnings

Enterprise Server includes Updates Available Warnings.

How does this work? – This is controlled Service-Side, meaning if a new version of Enterprise Server is available, users will be informed via a warning message; notifying them that A New Version is Available, and recommending they upgrade.

Features include:

  • Warning Severity

  • Update Links – Links to the update on the relevant App Store provided within the Warning Dialog.

Improved Security

Security within KnowledgeKube and Enterprise Server is already a fundamental element. This has been extended further with the addition of OAuth Login Authentication.

By using access tokens, OAuth Authentication improves security when navigating between models.


As an ongoing process, both KnowledgeKube and Enterprise Server are continually being developed to optimise and improve performance.

Protocol Buffers are being used for serialising structured data, resulting in more optimisation and better performance centred around data.

UX Improvements

Enterprise Server improved in the overall User Experience.

The initial experience for new users is much improved; users are guided through the enterprise app better, so that all elements are a lot less daunting.

Generally, across the board, improvements to the UI have been made to improve the overall finishing of the product.

Secure by design

CESG Pan Government and ISO 27001 compliant approach, meeting Information Governance and security standards for shared services.

bsi-ISO/IEC 27001

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