But did you know that these systems could be doing a lot more for you?

Whilst systems such as Northgate, Orchard and SAP are powerful enablers and are transforming the public sector, they can also cause heaps of frustration in the way they work, and the things they don't do.

That’s where KnowledgeKube can help.

By utilising KnowledgeKube, Northgate systems can quickly and economically be extended to do all the other things you would love them to do.

Describing the application or service Describing where to access the application or service i.e. locally, on a network or in the cloud How to authenticate a user to gain access to the resource What the application or service contains

KnowledgeKube see's the custom provider as it would a built in one, no differences, no changes.

In scenarios where you don't have access to an out of the box provider then you can create your own right from inside the KnowledgeKube platform. We call this a custom data source provider and once ready, it can be distributed and used by any of your back office app developers.

Mobilise your Systems

Current local authority systems aren’t mobile ready, KnowledgeKube can empower them for users on the move:

Reduce the duplication of effort and need to add everything manually to your systems when you return back to the office.

  • Complete Forms directly on mobile and tablet devices wherever you are.
  • Save time by enabling eSignature capability for things like tenancy agreements.
  • Take pictures and upload to your systems immediately whist still onsite.
  • Utilise Geo-location to accurately record site visits.
  • Validate data face to face with clients for improved accuracy.

Mobile Docs and Automation

Save time by pre-populating large portions of your forms direct from your system data, leaving less for manual input.

Grab data and forms from systems to complete with clients, then push the data back in when complete, reducing the need to scan additional documents or perform masses of post processing.

Connect and Integrate

Struggling to integrate with 3rd party systems and to customise and automate your business processes?


Connect into your systems in minutes, not days - And all without code.


Quickly add and customise processes into your Northgate System


Futureproof your investment, Easily Scale alongside Business Requirements.


Build Rich Interactive Web and Mobile Applications, Dashboards, Complex Workflows and Automation all without writing code


Connect to virtually all systems and devices out of the box, expand connectivity further with custom connections.


End to End Security, deployed via Microsoft Azure Technology, complete with ISO 27001 and CESG Accreditation, for total peace of mind.


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