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KnowledgeKube Release

26 March 2018

Today, we are pleased to announce that we are releasing KnowledgeKube to our customers.

KnowledgeKube Release

26 March 2018

Today, we are pleased to announce that we are releasing KnowledgeKube to our customers.

Content Delivery

16 November 2017

Continuing with the improvements made on our user interface, we have made easy for users who have multiple sites within one repository to switch between them. 

Tab Redesign

16 November 2017

We hope that the new interface will make it easy for users to start using KnolwedgeKube and navigate through the different development stages.

Natural Language Processing

03 October 2017

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been added to Data Sources.

The Expression Editor Redesign

03 October 2017

The editor has been redesigned to make it visually consistent with other updated windows.

Definition Tab Updated

03 October 2017

The Definition Panel now features a new scrollable sidebar containing two tabs. The first of these is called Tile View and contains tiles representing each question group in the model.

Model Designer Layout

03 October 2017

The Model Designer interface has been updated and now has a new look. Building an application is user friendly and easy to manage.

Error Handling

03 October 2017

The new Error Handling functionality informs you when an error occurs and helps you overcome it. 

Model Tab Improvement

03 October 2017

You Models tab has been improved to achieve user productivity by keeping track the models' status.

Options Panel

03 October 2017

We now have a pop-up panel that shows the Subscription, Resource Usage and About tabs.

Activity Bar

03 October 2017

Another improvement of KnowledgeKube’s new interface is focusing on the user productivity. 

Quick Access Toolbar

03 October 2017

The Quick Access Toolbar and the Activity Bar allows you to access options that were previously located in Your Models tab. 

URL and Property Elements

03 October 2017

Stand-alone and Wrap-around Element have been improved for better user productivity.

Data Designer Improvements

21 June 2017

A substantial number of improvements have been made to the user experience of the Data Designer, with the aim of making it more intuitive and straightforward to use.

Content Delivery Improvements

21 June 2017

Several changes have been made to the Content Delivery interface, including new ways of viewing the contents of a site, shortcuts for accessing common tools, and overall useability improvements.

New Stand-alone Elements

21 June 2017

New Stand-alone Elements have been added to KnowledgeKube Content Delivery.

ISDATATRUE Wrap-around Element

21 June 2017

A new wrap-around element allows you to control the visibility of content based on the evaluation of local JSON data.

Controlling Visibility According to Site Version

21 June 2017

Two new wrap-around element tags let you conditionally hide content on either Live or Preview sites.

Page History Functions

21 June 2017

Several new functions have been added to allow KnowledgeKube applications to manage and interrogate the current session’s page history.

Definition Panel Text Customisation

21 June 2017

If you need to change the font, format, or size of text in the Definition Panel, you can now do so.

IntelliSense Improvements

14 March 2017

Writing functions just got even easier with the addition of new IntelliSense features.

Introducing the Data Designer

14 March 2017

Have you ever wanted to create your own relational data, despite not knowing how? KnowledgeKube has you covered.

JSON and XML Service Functions

14 March 2017

New functions have been added to allow advanced users to make requests to JSON and XML services, and parse the results of those requests.

Content Delivery UI Changes

14 March 2017

Some minor improvements have been made to the user interface of the Content Delivery feature.

New Dynamic Document Fields

14 March 2017

New field types allow you to insert breaks and page numbering into your dynamic KnowledgeKube document items.

All-purpose Document Download Function

14 March 2017

A new function has been added to replace several existing ones, letting you create downloadable content in both web and Enterprise applications.

Statistical and Financial Functions for Charts

14 March 2017

A new function named WithChartData allows you to perform a wide range of statistical and financial analysis of chart data.

New String Encoding Functions

14 March 2017

Four new functions allow you to encode or decode string data using URL and HTML encoding standards.

New CDS Element Tags

14 March 2017

A number of new element tags have been added to the Content Delivery feature, together with a new parameter for the ENVIRONMENT tag.

New Home Screen

21 October 2016

First impressions are important, so we’ve given the KnowledgeKube application’s home screen a makeover. 

Designing & Building a Better Form - New Training Module

10 October 2016

Discover best practices for designing and implementing applications.
Understand how to create an application blueprint, how best to implement features, and how to better present information and content to your end users.

Introduction to Data Providers - New Training Module

05 October 2016

Expand your knowledge of Data Sources by creating a connection to external data, then learn to use different techniques to fetch and display that data.

Enterprise Server and Style Editor

19 September 2016

You can now make KnowledgeKube models available on mobile devices using Enterprise Server. Allow those users to view your application via the KnowledgeKube Enterprise mobile app on Android and iOS.

Dynamic Connection Strings

15 September 2016

Connections to data providers are typically static, meaning that when your application first connects to a data source, it only knows how to connect to that particular set of data for the remainder of the session.


31 August 2016

You can now bring your data to life in graphical form using KnowledgeKube’s new chart functionality. These charts are highly customisable, letting you display the information you need, exactly as you want it to appear.

Training updates coming shortly...

25 August 2016

KnowledgeKube is updated frequently. As new features become available, we update our training resources.

A better way to select content assets

24 August 2016

KnowledgeKube models give you access to the Content Block question type, this gives your apps the ability to consume and incorporate (amongst other things) images, mark-up, localised text and models. 

Incremental search and bookmarks

24 August 2016

The HTML, CSS and JavaScript editors have been updated to support incremental search and bookmarks.

Welcome to our ‘Community’

23 August 2016

KnowledgeKube Community is a place where all users can share information, from the basics of using KnowledgeKube and the Training Courses. Visit to learn more.

IntelliSense Overloads

17 August 2016

IntelliSense has always been a useful feature of the Expression Editor, but it’s become even more so with the addition of overload support. 

File Uploader

10 August 2016

Adding a file uploader to your KnowledgeKube application lets your users select and upload files from their network or local machine.


18 July 2016

KnowledgeKube now supports geolocation, letting you capture GPS data such as the longitude, latitude, speed, and bearing of a user’s mobile device.

Export Data to a Spreadsheet

05 July 2016

You now have the option to download a set of data from your model in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, creating a snap-shot of that data in a format that you can modify and extend as you see fit.

Sub-Models and Form Data

05 June 2016

It’s now easier and more intuitive than ever to add sub-models to your KnowledgeKube applications. 

Custom Data Providers

01 June 2016

KnowledgeKube has a wide selection of data providers, but thanks to the new custom provider feature you can connect your apps to even more third-parties.

KnowledgeKube Partner with Microsoft in Barcelona at Smart City Expo World Congress

16 November 2015

Come visit us at stand A112 on the 17 -19th November 2015 at the Smart City Expo World Congress.

KnowledgeKube sponsor and exhibit at Public Sector Enterprise ICT 2015

12 November 2015

We recently showcased KnowledgeKube to attendees at the 7th annual Public Sector ICT conference in London.