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Model Tab Improvement

Your Models tab has been improved by showing which models are active, which have expired, and which will expire soon. While developing applications, this feature will be very useful because it gives you a time reference for how long a model will remain active and how long ago it expired.

To provide more guidance and support for beginners, we have added a new What's a Model? button in the bottom-left corner of the Your Models tab. Clicking this button opens a pop-up panel containing guidance on models and information on other features of KnowledgeKube.

Another set of new buttons that aim to provide better use guidance have been added in the bottom-right corner of the Your Models tab. You can now quialy Add a new model, Edit an existing model, or Refresh the current model list. This will be suitable when making quick changes in the app building process.

Posted on 03 October 2017

You Models tab has been improved to achieve user productivity by keeping track the models' status.

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