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Page History Functions

GetCurrentPageURL returns the path of the current page (e.g. /documents/reports?id=12), similar to the CURRENTPAGEURL element tag:

GetCurrentPageURL( );


GetLastPageURL returns the path of the last visited distinct page, similar to the LASTPAGEURL element tag.

GetLastPageURL( );


AddPageHistory manually adds a path of your choosing to the top of the session’s page history, making it the most recent entry. If the specified path already exists in the history, it will be removed from its current position first.

AddPageHistory( "<SITE>/summarypage" );


RemoveCurrentPageURL deletes the current page’s path from the top of the session’s page history. This allows you to ignore the current page if you navigate away from it and then return the ‘last’ page.

RemoveCurrentPageURL( );


ClearPageHistory deletes all entries from the session’s page history.

ClearPageHistory( );

Posted on 21 June 2017

Several new functions have been added to allow KnowledgeKube applications to manage and interrogate the current session’s page history.

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