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All-purpose Document Download Function

The DocumentDownload function has five methods, each of which allows users to download a particular type of content from your KnowledgeKube applications. Each method replaces an existing function in KnowledgeKube, allowing that functionality to now be used on mobile devices:

Method Description Replaces Function
DocumentDownload(“Binary”, […]) Downloads a file consisting of a specified Base64 binary string. DownloadBinaryDocument
DocumentDownload(“File”, […]) Downloads a file that has been uploaded to session memory, based on its GUID. DownloadFileContent
DocumentDownload(“Static”, […]) Downloads a PDF based on a static document item. ShowDocument
DocumentDownload(“Template”, […]) Downloads a PDF based on a dynamic document item. ShowDocument
DocumentDownload(“Variable”, […]) Downloads the string content of a variable into a local file. DownloadVariableContent

Posted on 14 March 2017

A new function has been added to replace several existing ones, letting you create downloadable content in both web and Enterprise applications.

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