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KnowledgeKube Release

What's New

KnowledgeKube Release adds support for markdown, a plain text format for writing structured documents, based on formatting conventions from e-mail and Usenet.

Markdown will allow you to build all kinds of content managed apps that allow a user to format text for any device without resorting to formats such as HTML.

Learn markdown in 60 seconds

The MarkdownToHtml function converts a string that contains markdown annotations into a HTML structured document.

For example:

Result := MarkdownToHtml("*Italic*, **bold**, and `monospace`")

Will produce the following HTML:

<em>Italic</em>, <strong>bold</strong>, and <code>monospace</code>


Result := MarkdownToHtml(text, [1])

Argument Description
text to convert (Required) The markdown annotated text or string variable you would like to convert to HTML.
remove markup (Optional) Use 1 to strip out any markdown annotations and return the text without converting it to HTML.


Bug Fixes

The following issues are resolved in this release:


  • Fixed an issue where the use of an "Action Name" instead of "Action Keyword" didn't resolve in various sections
  • Fixed an issue where a semi-colon causes a server error in a users application when added into a Refresh Data Source Expression


  • Fixed an issue where adjusting the Y Value of an empty Data Point caused an error

Back Office

  • Fixed an issue in the Chart Area Axis Title interface where the interval value overwrites interval offset value
  • Fixed an issue when editing a model's description when it is already pinned to the Favourites List and the description is not updating


Posted on 26 March 2018
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