Learn to rapidly build applications with low-code

Our guided training plans and product documentation aim to get you building faster. Within hours you can be creating great looking, fully connected cloud-based and native mobile applications with KnowledgeKube and low-code.

Teachable Training Modules

Our Teachable Modules are smaller blended training courses consisting of videos, summaries and marked questions. Choose from a selection of modules to configure a tailored training plan that best suits your learning requirements.

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Linear Academy Courses

Provided through Teachable, these are ideal for people who prefer more of a traditional training programme and for colleges, universities and large organisational group training. With end-to-end training paths, groups of users can easily work alongside each other to learn together.

Fully Searchable Product Documentation

Our fully indexed searchable product documentation works in the same way as search engines such as Google and Bing. Available to all; utilise this as a learning companion whilst working through training modules, and as a powerful post-training tool to assist when building out your applications. Product Documentation also covers and includes:

  • Enterprise ServerOur cross-platform native mobile deployment solution.

  • Function Library A resource that includes detailed information about the functions available within the KnowledgeKube Expression Engine.

  • Expression Cookbook A primer guide for users with little or no experience working with programming and expressions. Experienced programmers also find these lessons useful for refreshing their knowledge of certain coding principles and methods.



User interface (UI) Templates and Style Guide

The current KnowledgeKube UI template is based on Bootstrap. Our Style Guide provides examples of all major UI components along with relevant style classes for use in your own applications, making it even easier to build great looking, easy to use solutions. Quickly preview all of the various UI elements and functionality, with full compatibility for:

  • Internet Explorer 10+

  • Safari 9.1+

  • Firefox (latest)

  • Edge (all versions)

  • Chrome (latest)

  • Fully responsive (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)

Best Practice Guide

Our Application Building Best Practice Guide helps you to avoid common errors and demonstrates how to use time-saving techniques when creating your applications. Ideal whether you’re starting new projects or expanding existing ones.

Our Best Practice Guide covers:

  • Introduction to Best Practices

  • Starting a New Project

  • Building an Application

  • Using Expressions and Functions

  • Error Handling

  • Using External Data Sources

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