KnowledgeKube Training Experience

KnowledgeKube Training Course Experience

Hi there!

Our New Digital Marketing Executive, Cristina Ionita has started the KnowledgeKube training to better understand the platform and the overall company products.

We thought it would be a great opportunity to share her experience with you. She will go through all the training material from Course 1 all the way through to the more challenging bits and extra modules.

I will be having regular chats with Cristina and will let you know the outcome of her progression.

So Cristina, how did you find the training so far?

The training is comprehensive and easy to go through. I particularly like how to course is written. It's easy to understand and follow and it feels like someone is holding your hand throughout the whole learning process.

What did you find useful when you started creating your application?

The whole learning process was easy to grasp. The little icons for extra bits of information and warnings were particularly useful. I don’t have coding experience, but the predefined fields and functionality made the journey around KnowledgeKube enjoyable. This really helped when I started building the application. 

Throughout  the training did you ask the Online Community for help?

No, I haven’t had to use the community yet, because there has been enough support throughout the training. But I know that if I do get to a point where I need to reach out, then this will be the first place I’ll go, with content already on there I may not even need to ask a question.

Until now, what has been the most challenging aspect? 

So far, everything that I thought might slow me down, has been covered in the training, so as of yet I’ve had no challenges. I suspect that further down the line when I step away from the training and take on the building my own applications, it will be different, but I’ll tackle that when I get there.

So what applications do you think you will build first?

I don’t really know yet. From what I can see, KnowledgeKube is so powerful. I mean I never thought that I could build my own CRM system in no time at all, but with KnowledgeKube it’s possible. So, when I think of applications in general, there are so many out there that I could probably re-create with KnowledgeKube. The possibilities are endless. Maybe I will have a clearer idea when I finish all the courses. The app will most likely be related to marketing.

What has been your highlight so far?

One of the things that struck me is the power it gives you to building apps, and not just small apps. You can build some really heavy applications, and you can do this quickly and with little or no coding knowledge, just by following some simple steps. I would like to push my own application into the business.

So how far through the training are you?

I have just finished Course 1 of the training, so the next step is to start Course 2. I look forward to seeing where the training takes me and what else I can get out of it.

Stay tuned for future updates regarding Cristina's progress.


Posted on 08 November 2018
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