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PreSalesAdvisor Lite

Configure, Price, Quote Platform

All Sectors

A SaaS Platform built on low-code, PreSalesAdvisor Lite empowers organisations to self-configure their own unlimited advisors. Making it easy to price, quote and enable outright purchase or as-a-service finance, for both products and services – all within one advisor.

PreSalesAdvisor Lite helps to increase sales, as well as reducing cost of sale, increasing product/services upsell and effectively offering an efficient online ‘as-a-Service’ sales solution.

Because of KnowledgeKube’s connectivity, PreSalesAdvisor Lite is the first system to connect into HPE Financial Services lease system – Technomics.


  • Get a lease price in minutes, not days

  • Lowering the cost for resellers

  • Connected to HPE Financial Services

  • Advisors created from existing Excel sheets and data

  • Empowers formalisation of sales process and increases attach rate


“PreSalesAdvisor Lite brings together technology hardware and services, and, by accessing HPE Financial Services’ tools, offers the entire solution as a true ‘as-a-service’ monthly payment plan.”

Arlene Sena, VP – Business Transformation Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


IT Price Benchmarking Platform

Communications, Media & Technology


A SaaS Platform built on low-code, KnowledgeBus enables IT buyers to quickly benchmark purchases against daily trade guide price and stock levels on over 150,000 products from more than 2,500 manufacturers. A collection of IT spend analysis tools also help buyers identify, track and forecast market dynamics more efficiently.

Built on the KnowledgeKube platform, organisations can extend out either via the in-built app store or by building bespoke extensibility apps via low-code.


  • Full support for framework pricing

  • Add-Ins for Word, Excel and connectivity into CRM, ERP and Procurement Systems

  • Product Archive in excess of 600,000 products

  • CIPS accredited technology

  • Saving users up to 24% on their IT procurement

Used by some of the leading UK brands:
ATOS IT Services | MoneyCorp | DVLA | Net-A-Porter | Wilko Retail | Waitrose | JLT Management Services | Topps Tiles plc | NBC Universal | TalkTalk | Princes Foods | Pets at Home | Capita Commercial Insurance Services

“KnowledgeBus is now our first port of call for procurement and benchmarking. The tech team goes into the system and specs from there. Procurement becomes much simpler because we have better awareness of the cost and possible speed of delivery for the requirement from channel stock to use the most appropriate commissioning process. We can also keep resellers we work with on their toes.”

Jason Sam-Fat, Commercial Manager, Digital & IT Shared Service, Kingston & Sutton Council

iESE Care Fund Calculator (CFC)

Case Management System

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

The Care Fund Calculator (CFC), created with iESE, aims to provide a fair price for a package of care without compromising the care itself.

  • Review care package enhancements by reviewing existing support costs against fully loaded packages.

  • Case notification alerts, get visibility of existing outcomes and cases due for expiry, alerting and notifying the relevant case owners.

  • Framework analysis – review, track different contracted pricing structures to maximise budgets.

  • Comparison tool to ensure the best care is provided and types of services being offered are the best fit.

  • ‘copy case’ feature allowing new cases to quickly be created based on others to reduce duplication of effort.

  • iESE completes its first 4 years as Local Governments First Transformation Social Enterprise



Global Smart Room Quoting Tool

Communications, Media & Technology


The Smart Room Solution Configurator is a global tool designed to allow individual organisations to login to their own branded system, complete with their own personalised workflows to configure and order bespoke smart rooms and smart tech.  


  • Fully integrated into SAP and ServiceNow

  • Governing workflows ensure users can only configure authorised solutions

  • Globalised Solutions (Language, Currency and Projects)

  • Inbuilt system administration, manage; products, bundles, upsell and client management

Clients of the system include:
EDF Energy | KPMG | Kraft | Heinz | Visa | UPS

“I ran four sessions, one each for the Presales and Sales teams in each of the two Norway regions. The feedback was great, with many saying that they had been trying to create something like this in the past, but it had never been so simple to use, accurate, and with such a good interface, along with a lot of great feature requests that we’ll be looking to investigate, so version 2.1 and some more workflows may well be coming soon!

Thank you for all of your hard work, it’s really paying off!”

Nick Martin, Design Lead – Smart Services, Kinly

The Shipowners’ Club

Policy Management System


The Shipowners’ Club has been protecting small ship operators for over 160 years. As market leaders they insure over 33,000 small and specialist vessels, entered through a global distribution network of nearly 700 brokers, offering Protection & Indemnity (P&I) cover and variously associated insurances that cover key seafaring industries.

Given the unique and complex needs of marine insurance, it was vital for the Shipowners’ Club to have a bespoke and disruptive policy management system that fits their distinct requirements. After years of developing a system that was handling all of their requirements, the organisation faced multiple challenges regarding possible changes and wanted a simple and intuitive prototype that could show exactly how policies would be handled, maintained, audited and changed in the future according to new requirements.  


  • Armed with a strong proof of concept, the CIO has been able to gain the support of the board to progress the project.

  • Single pane of glass; bringing customers, brokers and underwriters to a single Policy Management Portal

  • New Business, Mid-Term Adjustments, Renewals and Claims all delivered in a single portal

  • A multi-insurance product

“The company had some bad experiences with software development in the past and it would have been difficult to get buy-in if we didn’t have the KnowledgeKube prototype. If all we had were some presentation notes, a functional spec and the ability to articulate what we believed the developers could achieve, it would not have been enough.”

Kevin Baker, CIO, Shipowners’ Club

Transform 360

Project Management System

All Sectors


Transform 360 is a set of processes and applications to help deliver business transformation and projects. Transform 360 supports capability-building, provides intelligent real-time information, and manages every aspect of regulatory compliance to enable effective governance, implementation, delivery and reporting.  

  • Project Planning

  • Budget Red-Flagging

  • RAG Project Status & Configuration

  • Milestone Tracking

  • Definable KPI’s

Workflow Analytics Social Procurement (WASP)

Social Value & Supplier Management System

All Sectors

A Supplier Management Platform using the principles of Social Value as part of the supplier engagement. The platform helps organisations identify risks and provide a framework for pro-actively managing suppliers.  

  • Supplier Boarding and Supplier Relationship Management

  • Supplier Feedback & Improvement Plans

  • Configurable scorecard based on Contracts & Current Accounts

  • Integrated with external systems including Companies House for Financial Screening

  • Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 requires public bodies to consider how services they procure might affect the economic, social and environmental well being of the area

  • Suppliers can complete and maintain their profile information making engagement with the organisations easier

  • Links to check and validate accreditations and policies ensure all data captured is accurate and up to date


ARK Consultancy

Asset and Property Management Solution

Local Government


A big data, asset and property management solution for housing associations averaging 30,000 to 60,000 properties per association, allowing Housing Associations to better track and manage their assets.  

  • Monitoring and Dashboarding

  • Property Comparison

  • WhatIF Statistical Analysis

  • Geo Data Mapping

  • 100’s of hours saved per month compiling findings

  • User defined weightings and reports

  • 1.5mil. lines of cloud data analysed on upload in minutes

  • Processing power far beyond Excel and Access

  • Mass data export functionality

  • Bespoke user interfaces and multiple connected Power BI dashboards

  • Data from multiple sources

UK Government – Department for Education (DfE)

Web Portal

Central Government
Local Government

Phase 1 defined and deployed in only 2 months. Commissioned to provide the pilot of the Schools’ Buying Hub, an initiative of the Schools’ Buying Strategy – The aim of the hub; to achieve a £1bn saving by the end of the first year. The hub aims to signpost, advise, and provide guidance to users of all levels through the procurement of different products and services.  

  • Signposting and Advisors easily guide users to the information they require

  • Supports with complex contracts and helps with the aggregation of deals

  • Content on the site is managed through custom back office tools designed to empower low tech knowledge administrators

  • Deployed using agile methodology enabling the product and user journeys to be easily refined for maximum usability

  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics to track user journeys, activity and manage their requirements.


COG – Birmingham City Council

People / Labour Matchmaking Portal

Local Government


The COG platform has been inspired by Birmingham City Council and developed for the young people of Birmingham and their future employers to help bring them together more easily.

Employers, educators and training providers upload opportunities, then the portal matches young people with them and provides feedback if they’re not successful.

Over 4,500 registered users. Using a phased approach, Birmingham City Council introduced our portal to stakeholders quickly and seamlessly – the first version was live in just 6 weeks. This gave stakeholders the opportunity to give feedback for another 2 months, with further refining to improve functionality and usability. The portal is now poised to transform the way young people across the region approach education, employment and training.  

  • Web and Native mobile application versions

  • Access for recruiters and training providers

  • Localised search option to find roles in your area

  • Integrated with external sources to pull through the latest opportunities from the Approved Supplier Database

“We were looking for a technology partner capability to deliver a solution that worked for our numerous stakeholders. We’re delighted at the results that KnowlegeKube has delivered within a short time frame, and we’re excited to be expanding the scope of the project to help more young people in Birmingham.”

Margaret May, Department for Employment & Skills, Birmingham City Council

UK Government – Crown Commercial Service (CCS)

Digital Procurement Platform

Communications, Media & Technology
Central Government
Local Government

Commissioned to provide ‘The Purchasing Platform’, a marketplace for the procurement of IT products by the UK Government’s – Crown Commercial Service (CCS). From Brief to Beta Live we deployed and configured their Purchasing Platform as well as board 40 approved suppliers and 2 million products in only 12 weeks.

The platform has 40+ Suppliers, 400k live products, over 3,000 Public Sector organisations registered (10,000+ active users) and over 50,000 orders placed. Over £150m in quotes and orders for products and services as well as over £3.3mil. in benchmark savings since the launch.

  • Increased adoption of government framework and buying routes

  • 360 degree view of transactions and activity

  • Savings between 8% and 30% on products versus other online marketplaces

  • Continual growth and expansion of the platform

  • Further competition module for Managed Print Service, hit target a month ahead of schedule

  • Education focused framework utilising existing platform for Education only framework

  • Integrated with SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Sid4Gov


“KnowledgeKube stood out because of its extensibility and the ability to deploy a product advisor capability quickly. We have created a marketplace that buyers and suppliers enjoy using. Not only has the purchasing platform enabled us to drive supplier competition, collectively, but it’s also delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds of cost saving to the UK public sector, empowering them to focus their resources on key priorities.”

Jim Hamshaw, Strategic Category Manager, Crown Commercial Service

IBM Worldwide

Global Quoting Tool – Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Communications, Media & Technology


IBM Pre-Sales Advisor, is a cloud based Pre-Sales platform for verified technology configurations, deployed for IBM.

The Pre-Sales Advisor system, on average produces 20,000 quotations per month (1000 per day) with an average monthly value of $1bil.

Deployed in over 155 countries, in over 30 languages, with a community of 31,500 registered users and 12,900 resellers, producing over $50m/day of quotations. Reduced time to get accurate pricing from 1 week to 30 seconds.  

  • Digitised domain expertise empowering non-technical users to configure complex systems and services via guided journeys

  • Quoting and Deal Registration +Built and deployed to EMEA in 1 quarter

  • Rest of the world and AP 60 days later (Including regional business, cultural and language variations)

“Revolutionary”  Avnet, UK

“This is very easy to use, much better than existing systems”  Caral Data, Norway

“Superb! This is so easy, are you sure IBM developed this”  Load System, Sweden


Insurance Platform


A solution that can verify and confirm proof of insurance by integrating into thousands of data sources. These policies are matched to all stakeholders and their unique business needs and policy types, evaluating their insurance requirements, and kept up to date in real time.

Built on the KnowledgeKube platform, no manual coding was required to develop the application, meaning GAPro Systems quickly achieved an enterprise level PoC solution that fulfilled its requirements.

  • Support for multiple data sources of policy data

  • Workflow management

  • Cross platform communication options via email and SMS

  • User friendly rules engine with management controls

  • Simple upload and attachment of external documentation

  • Feature rich user interface

  • Assurance that documentation and emails are consistent


“When you are developing applications, something always seems to get lost in translation but KnowledgeKube removes that issue. This technology has put the power back into the hands of business people. You no longer need the prerequisite of ten years in development to create an advanced application.”

Chet Gladkowski, CMO/CIO of GAPro Systems

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